Get me those designers!

The restaurant “Crispy Taco” has been in Waco since I first went in 1996. It’s located in an easily-overlooked house off the side of Valley Mills Dr, and I’d probably never have noticed it if not for one of my friends pointing it out.

Their success can primarily be attributed to their hiring the same logo designers as the United Nations (and you know the UN hires only the best):

Crispy Taco UN Vehicle

Is it time to throw out that food?

As many times as you’ve heard not to waste food because of starving children in Ethiopia, sometimes you just gotta get rid of it. Based on personal experience, here are some foods and a good sign you should throw them out.

Fig Newtons/Fig Newmans: they’ve become crunchy
Burrito: tortilla “decorated” with blue polka dots
Milk: has changed state of matter
Ramen topped with eggs: ramen topped with fungus

(Yes, this post is bizarre and pointless. My mind’s still not working very well right now.)

Discipline means not being distracted

Hopefully Robert Cowley, who plays chess for “mental exercise, social interaction, discipline and prestige”, has been able to improve the discipline part of his game since this incident in 1998.

He played for an Australian state championship versus one Ms. Ngan Koshnitsky, and lost 4-2. He complained that her cleavage was a distraction, preventing him from fully concentrating.

By the way, you can note that Koshnitsky’s breasts are not significantly sized.

ChessChick’s take

(As an aside, if any of you ladies try this “strategy” against me, don’t bother, ’cause it doesn’t work. Complete nudity may; I’ve never played chess against a nude chick before.)

Dear Animal Chaplain Nancy…

First of all, thank you for reading the post concerning the Vick dogfighting story. Or, maybe that should be thanks for not reading it, because your response had little to with what I had to say.

However, if you’re going around to blogs and copy/pasting the same response to everyone who doesn’t respond to the story with the correct formula, it’s no problem. I’m lazy too.

When the story first broke, certain animal rights organizations treated Vick as though he were already guilty before the public had much evidence. (The fact that Vick has confessed guilt does not excuse this.) These kind of statements open up criticism which unnecessarily detracts from the work animal rights groups perform.

I do feel slightly bad for creating a new post simply to lambast you, and you seem well-meaning, so I will help you as well.

Animal Chaplain Nancy strikes
As seen above, you mistyped the name of your website I took the liberty of correcting this, along with blotting out your e-mail and IP in the picture to preserve your privacy.

I’m not sure who created the website, but two important suggestions:

1. The term stuffing at the bottom hurts the website ranking. Search engines can recognize this, and penalize sites for this tactic.

2. All the pictures are of more “sympathetic” animals: horses, dogs, and the like. Add in some cockroaches and spiders. They are just as sentient, and people don’t give a second thought to squashing them. (Personally, I just put annoying insects outside instead of killing them.)

Hulk Hogan’s son is now officially famous

Not only is a story about Hulk Hogan’s son, whose first name is unknown, getting more visits than the Gonzales story, it’s the first and fourth most popular story on CNN this morning.

I really need to get those “Not-so-proud to be American” bumper stickers made up soon.

Hulk Hogan has a “famous” son