LEPers on FICS

Per Wahrheit’s recommendation, I’m compiling these in one post. Feel free to add your name to the list, and I’ll edit this list as names come in. And I’ll even keep it stickied on the sidebar! (LEPers was a great term, BTW).

If you are on this list, expect me to challenge you and attempt to consume your eyebrows for lunch (metaphorically). Now sorted by blog name.

Blog name Real name, maybe FICS handle
Castling Queenside Polly ppwchess
Chess Adventures gorckat gorckat
Chess Improvement David K transformation
Chesstiger Chesstiger logis
drunknknite Kevin kevingafni
Getting to 2000 Ivan ivanw
Hardcore Pawnography chessloser mandalorian
hiddenleaf hiddenleaf hiddenleaf
Houston Chess Glenn (Tacticus Maximus) NoTB
l3rucewayne’s blog l3rucewayne TheDarkKnightTwo
Liquid Egg Product Donnie LiquidEggProduct
Reassembler Derek Slater Lummox
Robert Pearson’s Chess Blog Robert (aka Wahrheit) RLP
Rocky Rook Don RockyRook
Takchess (dunno yet) takchessguy
The Everyday Christian Tom Rhuiden

I’ve never heard of this Rocky Rook dude/dudette, so time to check him/her out (ah, the page is here, and the blogger is most likely male)

Shy guys

Gorckat recently mentioned that he saw me pop into FICS, but was too nervous to say hi. At first, this seemed strange, because online chat is not that personal, but this (along with other experiences) lead me to develop a theory of social barriers.

As one moves up the scale below, interaction becomes more personal and it takes an extra layer of guts to communicate in this fashion for the first time. However, it’s not very hard to move down the scale.

  • Face-to-face
  • Telephone
  • Online chat
  • E-mail
  • Blog or forum responses

Of course, if you’re naturally social, the amount of guts it takes to move up the scale may be very small, and romantic interest can throw the scale completely out of whack.

My new gig

Over the weekend, I did some thinking and I just needed to face facts: as much as I enjoy you guys fawning over me, I’m just not making enough money. So now I’m working on becoming the official spokesman for the new “diet” company on the market, Mass Managers™! (Their slogan is “Stop Dieting. Start Losing.”; it’s not really a diet, it teaches you how to eat.)

Mass Managers promo

Don’t worry; I’ll still be here, it’s not like Mass Managers™ is a full-time job– it’s mainly posing with weights, smiling bigger in the “after” picture, and tricking people into thinking that Mass Managers™ changed my entire life around. The good thing is that they don’t even make me put on make-up because my face is already perfect.

(Note from Donnie: I’m not really awake right now. Thanks for your understanding.)

Adventures on FICS

OK, so I haven’t had any recently (due to a very busy weekend, I’ve not been on). It’s exciting to find out some of the other bloggers play, and more than likely, the following will happen:

1. Won’t see anyone for a month.
2. When someone else is finally on, it’ll be 5 people at the same time.
3. Will basically end up doing a simul (and we all know how well class C players simul)

Does anyone know how to create a friends/watch list? I’m pretty sure I’ll find the command soon, but haven’t been able to figure it yet.

Long-lost connections

Everyone has eggs they’ve met from a long time ago or have some strange or distant connection with. Thanks to my loyal (?) readers, I’ll be able to hook back up with a few of them.

l3rucewayne managed to meet my old high school math professor, Mr. Ahmalette, with balding hair and everything! I don’t know who the guy on the right is, but he looks like a dweeb compared to me (don’t you get puffed up, human readers; he’s still more attractive than 80% of you. Although Annie will never be part of the 80%, wink, wink.)

As mentioned a while back, Dinosaur Mom has a picture of one of my distant cousins. And because I’m not from the Deep South, do not harbor a particular attraction to her (that’s not the best thing to joke about.)

Sworn Enemy sent Donnie a New Year’s post card, which, unbeknownst to them, has one of the kids from my old neighborhood in the back. And of course Donnie won’t be back for another few weeks, so I can’t scan it and show you…dang it.

“I don’t even know how many overtimes it was.”

Last night, the Baylor men’s basketball team defeated Texas A&M 116-110 in a quintuple overtime slugfest. Although 5 Baylor players fouled out, the team actually hit its free throws to get the win.

The game lasted so long that even one of the referees got confused. In the break before the start of the fourth overtime, a referee approached a member of the media and asked if triple overtime was about to begin. When told it was four, he shook his head and walked off.

While BU women’s basketball has been good for some time (winning a national title a few years ago), the men’s squad hasn’t been ranked in the top 25 since 1969.

Great Moments In History

Philip II of Macedon–Assassinated!

Philip II of Macedon was the dad of Alexander the Great (how anyone who drunk himself to death by 33 can be considered “great” is a discussion for another day).

There was a wedding in Aegea (that’s the ancient capital of Macedonia) and the king sauntered out unprotected for some sort of diplomatic reasons. That’s when one of his bodyguards killed him, who in turn, got his butt kicked by three of the other bodyguards. I’m not entirely clear on how there were bodyguards but King Philip was unprotected. But you know I got this stuff right, ’cause it’s in Wikipedia.

And sorry Wahrheit, you know I have great respect for you and you have great respect for me, but I couldn’t do the re-enactment you suggested. It’s blasted difficult to sneak atomic bombs by those guards. I’ve got to find a nuclear weapons facility that uses those Wackenhut guys. Maybe next week.

Left-handed? Play Guitar Hero?

Some people mention problems. Some eggs find solutions.

What happened is that this: Reassembler blabbed about how righties could play Guitar Hero left-handed to stimulate their brains, or some such nonsense. Which lead to a whole bunch of lefties stumbling onto his site looking for left-hand Guitar Hero controllers. Of course, they can’t find what they’re looking for.

Then Donnie recommended Derek create a post that tells everyone where to find one of those lefty controllers. So of course, Derek sloughs the work off on Donnie, who’s probably too lazy to do it.

That means it’s up to me. And based on extensive research I’ve found…

…you’re out of luck. If you want to spend a weekend soldering and stuff, you can make your own, or there’s a lefty option in the game but I dunno how much that helps. It’s too bad you weren’t born normal.

EDIT: Derek, you now have your infinite loop.

Breaking down the Super Bowl

So how do you break down in the game in two weeks?

I think the Giants have a better shot than anyone else of beating the Patriots.

Er…anything else?

The winner of the game is the one who’s going to put the most points on the board.

Great, thanks.

You shouldn’t have used the term S**** B*** in the title. The NFL’s going to sue you.