More Tower Defense

In addition to the addicting Desktop Tower Defense*, found a couple of interesting tower defense games. Which of course you won’t play during work because you’re bored or lazy.

Bloons Tower Defense 3 is a sweet upgrade over the second one. Dart-throwing monkeys, Spike-o-pults, and Pineapples are all part of your arsenal to pop “bloons” (balloons) before they get to the other side.

Bloons Tower Defense 3

Gemcraft’s tone is more serious; you create gems to put in towers which zap the monsters created by some evil wizard. It looks to be a LONG game to actually finish and I probably won’t bother. You might though.

I like the monkey game better.



*One of these days, I’ll be determined enough to get back the top score.

A proper and justified coronation

Finally, and only three weeks late. The celebration video honoring Ivan’s victory in the Second Tournament of Lepers! I had promised a “proper and justified coronation” for Ivan a few weeks back, and decided to let the Mascot handle the details. (In retrospect, this was a mistake.)

Ivan won a $25 USCF e-certificate for his efforts. Polly got $10 for second place.

Info on the third tournament coming soon.

Post Ike cleanup

You’ll notice things have been rather light here at LEP, and we’re blaming a lot of it on hurricane Ike that just swept through. We should be getting back to normal–whatever passes for “normal” here anyway.

Mr. E and I volunteered to do hurricane cleanup–you can see the picture below. Those cars were waiting to cross the bridge, so we took the initiative in repairing it so they’d be able to cross.

Mr. E and the Mascot volunteer to cleanup after Ike

It’s true what they say about duct tape and WD-40 being able to fix anything.

You’ll notice that there are NO pictures to be found of Donnie volunteering to help with hurricane cleanup, as opposed to me. In case you were still debating who’s the better person.

And I’m not bitter we didn’t celebrate my first anniversary contributing to this site. Really.

Talk Like A Pirate Day 2008

It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day! Unfortunately, I’m still on business in Miami and the Mascot and Mr. E are volunteering their time with cleaning up after hurricane Ike.

So today will be a bit of nostalgia.

This is the series of posts from last year’s Talk Like A Pirate Day, which was also the Mascot’s first day posting on this site. The very first actual Mascot appearance was this interview a couple days earlier. (Sorry we couldn’t celebrate your first anniversary in style, buddy!)

(Warning: These posts were mostly pretty bad. Aye, matey?)
TLAPD 2007 #1
TLAPD 2007 #2
TLAPD 2007 #3
TLAPD 2007 #4
TLAPD 2007 #5

Monday Fighter!

Again, being on the road, the usual Monday Fighter! is unavailable. In the past, I’ve shown resumes for our always-open computer programming position, which, for whatever reason, doesn’t quite fit what we’re looking for…

I am writing in response to your Entry Level — Computer Programmer position. I have just completed a Bachelors degree in Graphic Imaging from XXX University….Some of my experiences include:

Design editing
Creating PR poster designs for the University
Mass T-shirt production with specific logos
Creating photo designs: Html/Dreamweaver/Java

Sorry, I’m looking over this post and it’s not that funny. Best I can do with current time constraints.

The Miami Dolphins are still failures

Miami Dolphins Billboard:  A New Beginning *cough*

When a football team figures its billboard campaign should show off:

  • Some clueless-looking goateed guy
  • Bill Parcells praying to God for help
  • An Italian mobster with sunglasses

instead of publicizing the actual athletes, this is a problem.

The Dolphins are currently playing the Arizona Cardinals. After the first quarter, Kurt Warner already has 187 yards passing, leading the Cards to a 14-0 lead.

This almost made me wish I stuck with maths

You know what I discovered?

e πi = -1 (that’s e ^ (pi * i) = -1 if it didn’t display properly for you)

How freaky is that? (Explanation here.)

For those of you who read The Daily WTF: obvious troll is obvious. (Yes, aware that annoying meme is annoying, deal with it.) I can’t believe how many people have taken commenter Top Cod3r seriously.

: I didn’t really have anything to say, except that we have a little Mr. E icon now for when I have an aside. And, uh, stay in school and don’t do drugs.

Obama’s probably not the Antichrist

There’s been speculation how Obama could possibly be the Antichrist, because of his hypnotic hold on people worldwide. And his Muslim dad. Obama says he’s Christian, but is he really? The GOP wants you to keep speculating to get more votes, BTW.

(Polite society doesn’t say this, but the insinuation’s probably easier because Obama’s not white-skinned, so he doesn’t look like most of us Americans.)

But if Obama were the real Antichrist, would it be so obvious? Would millions of people immediately become suspicious?

I propose that the real Antichrist would be more subtle than that. Someone who has even greater worldwide appeal and would be a much better deceiver. Someone who no one would suspect, because he never talks politics. So he could work his master plan behind the scenes. Someone whose name is nowadays mostly associated with hokey underwear commercials rather than any governmental power.

I am talking, of course, about Michael Jordan.

Additional Reading: Is Barack Obama the Anti-Christ?

This just in: Palin hates women

Truly, Palin is that most dangerous of self-aggrandizing right-wing politico, a potentially very powerful woman full of moxie and nerve and intensely intolerant, extremist views who actually hates women. Really, you can’t get much more Republican than that.

Emphasis was the author’s.

Unbelievable that Republicans would back a VP that hates women. You McCain supporters have some ‘splaining to do.

(The article is worth reading, BTW.)

Source: Evil: It’s the new good!