Obama Be Thy Name

There are two reasons I’m voting for neither Obama nor McCain:

1. I forgot to request an absentee ballot on time. And since I’m not on welfare, ACORN won’t try to submit my request illegally.
2. I have no clue how the two frontrunners will really tackle this country’s problems. Their “solutions” cost money the government doesn’t have.

Here’s an article: Obama’s prime-time ad skips over budget realities

The article mentions that Obama’s programs would run the deficit to $1 trillion dollars. McCain’s not immune to similar criticism. As Congressmen, you’d think they understand they can’t keep their promises without consequence *cough*raisetaxesand/orcutotherspendingand/orprintmassivemoneyfurtherdevaluingthedollar*cough*. Well, I’m sure they do, but they can’t write winning ads or speeches based on that.

A million praises to l3rucewayne for this find. The name of the song is “Obama Be Thy Name”, and no, it’s not even mocking Obama. I like afro-pop and reggae, but man, those lyrics…

A birthday problem

You are at a party with 22 other people.

1. Estimate what the chances are of at least two people at the party having the same birthday.

2. Now calculate it. (For simplicity, feel free to assume no one was born on Feb. 29)

Yes, I was surprised.

The Jade King

Another excuse to use the “chess” tag. Click for biggie size.

The Jade King

So over the weekend my main computer died. It was an eMachines comp which has actually served quite well for the last 3 years. I was trying to upgrade the graphics card, which required a power upgrade from a measly 300W.

What I didn’t know is that eMachines comps often require a proprietary power supply. To my sorrow, I only deduced this after buying one, returning and swapping for another one, having that not work and finally testing an old power supply I knew was problem-free.

By that time, the motherboard was fried, so I had little choice but to get a new motherboard and CPU. Having little time to do research, I took one of Fry’s mid-priced combo deals, one which included the odd triple-core processor Phenom X3. I’d probably have been better off with one of Intel’s dual-core offerings. (FYI, few programs today take advantage of more than two cores. Oddy, I actually have at least one.)

The final stroke was the RAM. After spending a bit trying to shove my original memory sticks in the new motherboard, it dawned on me to take a look at what types of memory I was dealing with. Sure enough, I was trying to shove DDR sticks into DDR2 slots.

After 4 trips to Fry’s, 3 to Best Buy, and 1 to a local shop, I finally had a working system again.

It was a very aggravating day.

Humps Loan Agency

(Disclaimer: don’t e-mail this guy)

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The 2 best pieces of advice I’ve received today:
1. “Don’t do a Google image search on ‘anal fissures’.”
2. “Don’t do it on ‘expressing anal glands’ either. Pretty much the word ‘anal’ is verboten.”

Why I’m not a Grandmaster

OK, so it’s time for a post to ensure this blog is at least 8% chess-related.

India’s had a bit of good news to celebrate recently. They recently launched their first moon mission (although the poor and those who think about the poor are wondering why India should spend the money for that). And the World Chess Championship is being won by India’s champion handily. Through 6 games, Viswanathan Anand is up on Russian Vladimir Kramnik 4.5-1.5, with only 6 games remaining. Kramnik needs to go 5-1 (5 wins, 1 loss or 4 wins, 2 draws) in order to win. It’s not happening.

This position arose from an unusual opening (the GMs said it was unusual, so that sentiment’s not just a symptom of me not knowing any openings). It’s Anand (White) to play.

What do you get out of this position? What’s your move?

Anand v Kramnik, 6th game, World Championship 2008

Here’s what Anand says: “I spent time looking for something direct but in the end could not find anything better than the queen exchange [which follows],” said Anand. “The endgame is a little awkward for Black as the c-pawn is a bit weak.” He played Rc1.

My reaction: “Eh?”

Since it’s been pointed out to me, I can see why the c-Pawn will be fragile. Nothing I’d think of OTB. I’d probably have done Bg2 (yummy diagonal, although it’s not like Black can’t fight for it), O-O.

Source: GM Rogers on Anand-Kramnik: “Yes, It’s Over”

Laying down the hammer

Compare with:

“It’s gut check time. I’ll tell you what. Whoever stops him gets a Bud Light on me.”


The recent slew of witty and insightful comments has not gone unnoticed. I’ll be getting around to responding to them today.


OK, so I had a disagreement with a friend concerning the relative attractiveness of these two famous ladies. What do you think?

Nancy Grace Sarah Jessica Parker
Nancy Grace Sarah Jessica Parker
Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Monday Fighter!

Sueper Sex:  One becomes effective for man only

Sueper Sex: One becomes effective for man only

Yes, that’s really Dwyane Wade in that photo. No, he didn’t give that Chinese company permission to use his imagery.

I’m really wonderied about the slogan “one becomes effective for man only”. Does that mean the pill only helps if you’re planning to have sex with men?

Since I’m straight, I decided to put that to the test and try it. I’m glad to report that Sueper Sex is non-discriminatory and gives satisfactory results…

The Mascot tries Sueper Sex

Source: Dwyane Wade’s “Sueper Sex” pills

Lepers III postponed

OK, two people do not a tournament make, so it will be postponed. It’s actually not a bad thing, because the rest of this year I’ll be busy with other stuff. The tournament will be after all the holidays, sometime in mid-January.