Anti-discrimation campaign fail

In an Illinois high school, a white high school coach cut 8 black students from a varsity basketball team. Some blacks in the area are plenty hot, with a couple church leaders calling for a boycott of classes and basketball games. (Although one of the ministers would “ask students to boycott in a rotation so that they don’t miss consecutive days and fall behind in their classes”, so kudos to him.)

The response by the school’s principal, however, was most telling: “But I don’t understand the racial (accusations). The entire team is African-American.”

I do have a feeling there’s more to the story than the article tells us. People can’t be this daft, right?

Source: Some in Danville cry foul over high school basketball cuts

Turkey Day

(Brief background for the non-American readers: tomorrow is a national holiday called Thanksgiving. A turkey feast is the traditional offering.)

Slate has a wonderful article on how they manage to have so many turkeys ready at one time (The Turkey-Industrial Complex). The most popular turkey is the White Broad Breasted Turkey which has been bred for large size. So large, in fact, they are unable to reproduce; the species is kept around by artificial insemination (WARNING: some of you may not enjoy this video very much)

As a bonus, here’s MSNBC mocking Palin during some turkey pardoning event. She’s doing an interview while turkeys are being terminated in full view in the background.

(Uncensored version is here.)

Enjoy your turkey, people.

Feedback on your feedback

Some of the comments have been quite random recently. Which matches the website. So, uh, thanks. Our feedback on your feedback:

: Most of the questions were tongue-in-cheek; the one I was really interested in was the chess content. Approximately half the readership comes from the chess blog world, and I’ve been wondering whether LEP’s been too light on chess. 68% wanting more is a pretty strong mandate, so we’ll work on it.

I’m actually quite pleased about the negative feedback (although they may have well been trolls).

: I was shocked—SHOCKED—to find out 26% of you don’t even know who I am. We obviously have problems with brand awareness.

On the other hand, you don’t know how relieved I am only 16% of you wanted me to teach the Polka. Which means I don’t have to do it. I didn’t really want to have to make a video of me wearing lederhosen.

: It’s awesome you guys want to see Mr. E in action. But that means I gotta procure the tapes from Viacom HQ, ’cause they got ’em. So I’m gonna have to get the E-Team back together to pull it off. I pity the tools who stand in our way. Stay tuned.

Monday Fighter!

First, thank you for those of you responding the poll…and not responding to the trolls. We’ll address the results in a future post.

In the meantime, a return to the traditional Monday Fighter!

Name five healthy foods.

(Monday Fighter! is an allegedly weekly feature which attempts to cheer up or inspire the masses who must start yet another work week. As always, the fortune is photographed on a wooden table.)

Liquid Egg Product values reader input

Last week, we had our monthly meeting on the state of Liquid Egg Product (see picture). It seems a bit gratuitous, but it lets you know we are professional, serious, and dedicated to giving you, the reader, a marginally entertaining blog to distract you from work for 1 or 2 minutes.

Mr. E mentioned that during his days starring on the hit TV program “The E-Team”, the producers insisted on getting direct input from the public about the show. This was essential to its long, successful run; analyzing Arbitron stats simply wasn’t enough.

So we humbly request your input by responding to the poll questions below. Additional comments can be left as a comment.

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Don’t do this

The closest thing I have to a phobia is to voluntary self-starvation. I can’t interact with an axorexic in any sort of normal fashion very long, and even TV programs or articles will throw me off-balance. It takes me several readings to finish stories dealing with voluntary self-starvation. Yet the subject’s like a moth to a flame for me, and invariably find it interesting. Like this story about a diet called LighterLife. You get 500 calories a day. That’s it.

The rapid weight loss is not arguable, but there’ve been stories of severe side effects, including vision problems, rotten teeth, and death. One lady’s death has been attributed to a weakened heart due to lack of protein.

Source: Dying to be thin: The diet craze sweeping Britain that allows you just 500 calories a day

This is almost as strange as it looks

Do You Know Green

If you need a few minutes to do something stupid, Cotton Incorporated has this “Do You Know Green?” game show styled quiz. You try to “win” a prize package of stylish female clothing (made out of cotton, naturally) by answering true/false questions about what’s good for the environment.

The prize package ended up being doubly useless, as it’s virtual, and well, I don’t wear any female clothing anyway.

The whole quiz show experience may not be quite as odd as the picture of the woman wearing a traffic cone. But by the time you finish, you’ll be wondering why such a thing should ever have been summoned into existence.

QUIZ HINT: Any question where cotton is good for the environment is true. As well as any questions asking whether synthetic fibers are bad and use oil. Not that you couldn’t figure that out already.

I went 9-1 in round 1 and 6-2 in the lightning round. Can you top that?

At least you’re smarter than those guys

Has this work week been particularly stressful or frustrating? I leave you with this pick-me-up for the weekend — at least you’re smarter than the guys in the following story:

The menu at the Coffee Garden at 900 East and 900 South in Salt Lake City has included a scrumptious selection of quiche for about 10 years.

The recipe calls for four fresh eggs for each quiche.

A Salt Lake County Health Department inspector paid a visit recently and pointed out that research by the Food and Drug Administration indicates that one in four eggs carries salmonella bacterium, so restaurants should never use more than three eggs when preparing quiche.

The manager on duty wondered aloud if simply throwing out three eggs from each dozen and using the remaining nine in four-egg-quiches would serve the same purpose.

The inspector wasn’t sure, but she said she would research it.

Source: Eggsacting Math

Intrepid adventurer pwns KFC’s $10 challenge

I write this post with a heavy heart, especially remembering that KFC has endorsed LEP before as a bastion of compelling blogging. However, a recent advertisement was too much to deal with, a blow against those of us who appreciate home cooking. No matter how often we burn our grilled cheese sandwiches to a crisp.

So KFC’s ad is the $10 challenge, claiming that we can’t do what KFC does for that price: provide a meal of 7 pieces of fried chicken, 4 biscuits, and a large side dish. You can view it here.

It’s a terribad commercial: the challengees didn’t seem to realize you don’t need a 5 lb bag of flour to coat seven pieces of chicken, for example. I was actually going to take up the challenge myself, but someone’s already done it with $2 to spare.

On some Sundays, I like to cook a meal of fried chicken, scalloped potatoes, and mixed vegetables. Might cross the $10 mark, but boy is it an upgrade from fast food!