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LEP has kinda sucked this month, so we’re probably going to take a week away and hopefully come back energized with more creative, engaging stuff.

Star Trek Chess

Watching Star Trek, did you ever wonder how they played that 3D chess game? Or where you could get one? During high school, my parents bought one for my birthday, which was very cool, and have it setup in my apartment to this day.

It’s best to visualize the game by looking at the top. All the pieces move like they do in standard chess, with various rules on being able to use the “attack boards” and move between levels, which I won’t get into (try here or here). It took a long time to come up with a set of “official” rules, and they’ve apparently changed a bit along the way.

Unfortunately, the manual was woefully unclear. But that’s because it’s 6 pages, 2 of which were a picture of Kirk and Spock playing a game.* The manual doesn’t even show how the pieces actually move, assuming the reader knows how to play modern chess. It even ends with a cutsie “it’s believed the game is based on a primitive version enjoyed on 20th-century Earth”, as if 23rd-century people wouldn’t know chess is much older than that.

I can’t tell you whether playing the game is fun or not, because the couple games I did try were played with a complete misunderstanding of the rules.

* Based on the given rules, the position they reach is highly improbable at best. Imagine a middlegame where all the White pieces are on the Queenside and all the Black pieces are on the Kingside. In the episode Charlie X, Spock wins a chess game against an immature, horny** alien teen boy, apparently using some sort of Fool’s Mate. This is impossible based on the given rules.

The teen went on a rampage afterwards, melting the chess pieces with his mind, removing a crewwoman’s face, and performing other dastardly deeds.

** It was a beautiful female crewmember that got him hot, not Spock or chess.

I need your help

Take a look at this package of meat:

Mystery Meat
Mystery Meat

Anyone have a guess as to what part of which animal this is?

On a side note, I will tweak the website colors…the white on black is not working that well.

Sorry, dudes

I think I was supposed to write something about Obama and Martin Luther King Jr, because I’m black.  But I’m still busy planning how to procur those TV clips with the rest of the E-Team.  Sorry, I feel like a fool.

Finally, a change

I’ve intended to create a new theme for some time, but have failed to do so (I’m still in the middle of creating one, but it’s not nearly finished, and I probably won’t finish soon.)

So by combining the Sliding Door theme with the AJAXed WordPress module, LEP now has a fresh look with greatly increased functionality.

The comments are much more robust; for example, they are now threaded, and you can reply to individual comments. There’s also the nifty picture menu thing on the top, which is there more for looks than anything.

Street Fighter 4

Apparently, the worldwide economic slow-down has hit game maker Capcom as well. As evinced below, they seem to have eliminated what was left of the Storyline & Literature budget for Street Fighter 4:

Street Fighter 4:  El Fuerte
Street Fighter 4: El Fuerte

When they’re fleshing out characters with backstories like “fighting to become the greatest chef in the world”, you can tell they simply aren’t bothering to try. No, the Mexican masked wrestler angle does not make things less ludicrous.

More evidence Obama is the Anti-Christ

A popular interpretation of the book of Revelation holds that at some point during the end-times an unholy Trinity will rule the Earth…Satan, the Anti-Christ, and the Beast.

As we already know, Obama is almost certainly the Anti-Christ. And thanks to modern media, we know all about his Beast:

These are the first pictures of the new armoured limousine which will be used to ferry Barack Obama around.

Nicknamed “The Beast”, the Cadillac will make its debut on 20 January, as part of the inaugural parade.

Satan, Obama, and his car. Pretty dastardly.

Source: Obama’s ‘Beast’ of a car revealed