Black Genocide?

OK, so it’s Black History Month, where they talk about such historical inspirational black figures, like Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, and Shaq.

We’ll go a different route by noting a couple interesting sites that discuss hypothesized modern-day genocide of blacks. Notes the disparity in black and white abortion rates, makes the claim that some abortion advocates’ true intention is a form of legalized genocide.

HIV/AIDS The Untold Story: There is a belief in the black community that AIDS was created in the lab specifically to target blacks, and is not an STD. (My ex believed this. Mr. E does not.)

The author of the linked article states that this theory has actually been advanced by white supremacists to interfere with AIDS prevention efforts.

By the way, the reason we kept the black background is because of Black History Month. Originally, the idea was to have a post where the Mascot would honor the color black instead of black people and I’d chide him for being stupid. It didn’t really work out.

March Madness

(Note: if there are a bunch of unresponded-to comments, I’m not ignoring you; this post was pre-set to show today.)

Yes, we will do that ESPN March Madness bracket again this year and see if something dethrones Tom. But we’ve also decided to do our own version (“Egg Madness”, I guess?).

This is going to be such a disaster, mainly because of the sheer number of matchups. The idea is that the readership will vote for whoever they want to see “win”. No criteria. No rationale. Just raw popularity. (Of course, everyone’s going to be bracketed-out by the end of the month, but no one said we at LEP were the most considerate people.)

We’re still deciding on the brackets, but we’ll give you a sneak peek at one that’s almost finished. If there’s anyone you want to see in Egg Madness–or even ideas for other brackets–let us know and we might just get them in!

Or if this idea is completely fail, warn us before we look even more foolish.

An unsettling experience

So I went into Home Depot to get some keys cut. Upon walking into the store, a lady smiled and greeted me, asking me what I needed. She directed me exactly where I needed to go and had someone ready to take my order when I got there. The key cutter was polite and efficient, and I was quickly on my way.

Frankly, it was a disorienting experience for a place where the standard is for employees to ignore the customer, instead engaging in conversation and gossip with each other. The only proof I have that this trip was not a hallucination is a receipt, which has an actual Home Depot logo on the top.

Women and Chess

So BDK references some study that shows women and men have equal chess skill…ok, fine, but who really cares about that?

If I played chess, here’s what I’d be thinking: we do know that there exist some hot female chess players. I’d be much more interested in that percentage than anything.

So if we can compile pictures of female, legal (18 and over) rated chess players, maybe we can do some sort of scientific study and publish it. And if the women want to evaluate the men, well, maybe we can throw that in too. But I can’t help with that part b/c I don’t lean that way. Although I hear some guy Viktor Korchnoi is quite the catch now.

Logic Fail #2

There are 3 major “species” of humans. We don’t call them different species for political reasons, but they ARE different species….

I call them “species” based on the definition that different species won’t try to mate with each other. I find one “species” females…well let’s just stop it at “I wouldn’t touch them with a 10ft pole”. I consider one “races” women to not be “true” women. I find no sexual desire for them. Unless of course crossbred with a LOT of the other races first.

Because there are NO interracial couples in the world. This guy has to be a troll, right? (From same article linked to in prior post.)

Monday Fighter!

Lacking an actual funny fortune cookie, today’s Monday Fighter! is based on sources that should probably know better.

When adequate is good enough.
When adequate is good enough...
Next week:  amatuer advertisement design contest
Next week: amatuer advertisement design contest
FYI, most Houstonians don't use those weird British spellings
FYI, most Houstonians don't use those weird British spellings

In Jesus’ name…

Lots of people like to invoke Jesus’ “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” when it comes to stuff like adultery or alcoholism.

No one uses it for stuff like child abuse or rape.