Oh, good, Sam Sloan is on the ballot again

So we get to vote on the USCF’s Executive Board.

I don’t follow USCF politics very much unless it’s really juicy. Sam Sloan fits the bill…too bad we can’t vote on Paul Truong. Some of these other names I probably should know but don’t. Except IM Blas Lugo is big in Miami, so he’s familiar. And I do know Bill Goichberg wears glasses.

We should choose some random chess bloggers to write in, and see how far it gets. (“Chess Life announces that Eric Hecht and this, uh, some Blunderprone guy have won the election…”)

Flashback: $am $loan

Back in the game!

Yes…I’m playing chess again. Took in a few games on FICS. Chessloser was on and said hi. I forgot to beg him to continue his blog. We talked about the advantages of living alone in an apartment.*

Then Derek challenged me to a 5 min blitz game, in which he squashed me before taking in someone who could actually provide a decent game.

* ie, The ability to self-pleasure without anyone walking in on you.

Autopay fail

Again, LEP fails to pay the bills, leading to a brief downtime. But it wasn’t completely due to incompetence.

Sometime last month, Bank of America was contacted by some company I’d used my check card at. The vendor thought some transactions may have been compromised, so they advised BoA, which reissued new cards to everyone affected.

Overall, I’m pleased that they did this rather than not. But it did affect any autopayments, and it’s taken a bit of time to take care of all the loose ends.

But even that has a plus side: I’ve eliminated $80-$100/month of payments on superfluous stuff.

The unfunniest comic in Earth’s history

I’ve given up on reading newspaper comic strips a long time ago. Not because they’re “for kids”, but because they are hit-or-miss, with the emphasis on the miss.

But while waiting for some rice to finish cooking, I perused Yahoo! News for a bit and saw a link to the comics at the bottom. The rationale for clicking it? “Sure, why not, it’s been months since I’ve read the comics…”

A stark reminder of why comics have been website non grata. (Naturally, the goggles did nothing.)

Now if I were the guy writing the strip, I’d go to my editor and say, “Hey, look, I know you’re expecting another strip tomorrow, but it’s the least funny strip ever made. Literally. I prefer that my legacy not be ‘that guy who wrote the worst joke in the history of the planet’, so consider this my official letter of resignation.”

Certainly, there’s pressure on the comic strip writer because there has to be something everyday. But there’s just some point where you just have to give up. (Incidentally, I got an e-mail from someone who thought I could end up doing some type of production with LEP full-time. While very flattering, it would suck a lot of the fun out of it.)

Bet you didn’t know I played hockey

This could get me into trouble, but you guys deserve the truth.

I’ve been a professional hockey player in the NHL for a long time. Due to discrimination, I’ve been forced to wear a human disguise because the league thinks people aren’t ready to accept an eggish player yet.

The photo below is the engraving made on the Stanley Cup after I helped the Maple Leafs win a title in 1945:

By the way, if you noticed “ass man” by F.J. Selke’s entry, that was not his nickname, it was how “assistant manager” was abbreviated.

Source: The Stanley Cup Could Use an Editor

Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt

So, this T-shirt is becoming The Popular. What customers have to say about it:

“Since owning the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, I have successfully solved 7 crimes in my city, including 4 cold case murders.”

“I’m glad theres nothing on the back of this shirt, otherwise my mullet might be covering up a wolf, and I just don’t know how I would handle having to decide between my mullet and another wolf on this shirt.”

“I had a two-wolf shirt for a while and I didn’t think life could get any better. I was wrong. Life got 50% better, no lie.”

“I received the package with the shirt 2 days BEFORE I even ordered it…”

“I purchased the 3 wolf moon shirt while on vacation in Utah but I forgot it in the hotel room. Imagine my surprise when 7 weeks later, I heard a knock at my door back home. It was 3 wolf moon! It walked all the way to my house by itself. Excellent fit, too.”

Source: Joke review boosts T-shirt sales

Fightin’ Whities

Hate bringing up 7-year-old stories as if they were new, but LEP tends to miss the boat on a lot of things.

Many American sports teams, colleges, and high schools use Native American mascots such as Braves, Seminoles, Aztecs, Chiefs, and (most controversially) Redskins. While most people don’t give a second thought to it, it’s a sore point for some.

A high school college intramural basketball team decided to protest a local high school team’s “Fightin’ Reds” mascot with the “Fightin’ Whities”, complete with the slogan “Every thang’s going to be all white.”

While the team did get some pub, it probably didn’t have quite the desired effect. Some criticized the Fightin’ Whities for stooping to the same level as those they were attacking.

Meanwhile, the white community wasn’t very offended. In fact, many simply thought the idea was hilariously wonderful and wanted their own Fightin’ Whities jersey.

Including this white guy. I think I’m buying a T-shirt.

The satisfaction of acheivement

The tagline says “Statbuilder: the ultimate RPG experience”. It may not be exactly ultimate, but it’s pretty darn close.

There’s nothing like seeing your character get stronger and stronger Even in the beginning, you feel your efforts are well-rewarded. I’m only level 5, and I already have 10 RBI’s!

Play Statbuilder

NOTE: There’s 5-10 seconds in the intro that are NSFW.


So very typical. Obama is considered to be either awesome or abyssmal. How badly are Americans colored by ideology? Or, perhaps more to the point, colored by the little (D) or (R) before the name?

And who the heck put in “E” as a grading option?