Monday Fighter!


“The greatest perception is continual awareness.” It sounds wiser if you don’t try to figure out what it means.

(Thanks to Allen for sending this in!)

The Dolphins’ fight song is evil (but you knew that already)

For the uninitiated: this is the song that plays at Dolphins games after they score a touchdown (even they’re getting destroyed 34-7. The irony of hearing “Miami Dolphins #1” at these points was surely not lost on anyone but the very young or terminally clueless.)

They even hired T-Pain to hip-hopize it:

But the true evil…well, you know the rumor that by playing heavy metal music backwards, you’d hear Satanic lyrics? It was spread by Don Shula to deflect attention from the Dolphins’ fight song, which played backwards is a chilling combination of English and Demonic tongues:

Maintenance fail

I deleted the database that had the quotes for the quotation rotation. I didn’t have a backup because I thought that DB wasn’t in use.

Cached pages from search engines will let me restore what I can, but if you had any favorites, let me know. (New quotes are good, too.)