Mr. E is so strong…

…he can take one of those anti-theft shopping carts beyond the yellow line.

(He’s too modest to put this up, so I have to post it.)

mr e shopping cart

African music

Quick, name any musician from Africa.

If you were like me about a year ago, you couldn’t. So I decided to explore what modern African music had to offer. It probably shouldn’t have been suprising that couple of the songs I wanted to post weren’t on YouTube at all.

Angelique Kidjo might be the most famous of the artists listed here; below is “Papa”.

“Manjani” by Sam Mangwana was wonderful, and it’s a crime no one thought it good enough to put on YouTube. Guess I should do it. In the meantime, here is his “Mabele”.

Issa Bagayogo is a Malinese pop star. Unfortunately, his song “Touba” was also not on YouTube. So we’ll go with “Dambalou”.

“Fire in Soweto” by Sonny Okosun was an international hit, and apparently somewhat controversial.

A couple psuedo-African songs from the gaming world:

Civilization 4’s “Baba Yetu” has to be the most captivating theme in a game I’ve ever heard. The lyrics are the Lord’s Prayer in Swahili (although the singers are most definitely not native Swahili speakers.)

Street Fighter 4 has this theme for the African stage. Yes, this is the game with a Mexican wrestler who fights to obtain the greatest recipe collection in the world. No, I haven’t played it.

Obama be thy name II

“He said red, yellow, black or white
All are equal in his sight
Mmm, mmm, mm!
Barack Hussein Obama”

(This portion channels part of the kids’ song “Jesus Loves The Little Children”.)

You’d think maybe we could wait at least until Obama finishes his first term before having elementary school students sing about how good he is.

Flashback: Obama be thy name

Blog dreams

So recently I’ve been having blog-related dreams:

Dream 1: Blunderprone announced that he was going to stop his chess history posts because there wasn’t any history left.

Dream 2: I was about to meet Dino Mom in person, but was too nervous to walk to the front door.

Dream 3: Jeremy Silman listed Liquid Egg Product #1 on his list of “Most worthless chess blogs”.

Brag and unbrag

Brag: Last night, obtained my highest FICS rating (standard time controls) at 1857. This is in the top 10%.

Unbrag: Some games have been seriously “lucky”. And if I’m in the top 10%, the overall level of play on the server must not be very strong.

Games often go like this:

1. I screw up the opening.
2. My opponent can’t take advantage.
3. I outplay my opponent in the middlegame and/or endgame and win. (“Outplay” usually means “I play bad, he plays worse”)

Two “gems” from last night that exemplify this perfectly:

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

Great moments in history

paul morphy stab

Blunderprone’s history of chess series is great, but he doesn’t have a post dedicated to Paul Morphy. So I’ll do it.

Paul Morphy is called “the Pride and Sorrow of Chess”. He was an unofficial World Champion for a while because they didn’t have official World Champions. Then he retired because he was too good. And according to many sources, he died from a stroke while taking a cold bath.

At least, that’s what we’ve been told. And if you’re OK with listening to “The Establishment”, then that is good enough for you.

But I did more research, and now you’ll get “the rest of the story”.

When Bobby Fischer became World Champion in 1972, he thought he was the best American chess player ever. Then in April 1973, he heard about this Morphy guy. In a jealous rage, he was determined to make sure no one thought Morphy was as good as him. So he learned how to time travel and confronted his fellow American chess genius in 1858. Fischer stabbed Morphy in the stomach, making sure to do non-fatally (see picture), and said “If you don’t retire from chess, I’ll finish the job.” So that’s why Morphy retired.

Unsatisfied, Fischer decided to finish the job. A few months later, he time-traveled to 1884 and force-fed Morphy a McRib sandwich. As Fischer calculated, the shock and revulsion at the low standards of the McRib stunned Morphy’s brain, causing the fatal stroke.

But Fischer’s time traveling caused him to become crazy. So that’s why he didn’t defend his title and became rabidly anti-Semitic.

Flashbacks (for you new people):

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Irony is people who complain about how useless science is while typing their opinion on the Internet.

Then when someone points out the Internet required science to be created, they will counter “that’s not science, that’s technology”.

Obvious ripoffs

So there’s that quasi-famous Three Wolf Moon T-shirt. People have made obvious ripoffs that aren’t very funny, not realizing the phenomenon’s popularity had little to do with the actual shirt.

Like this one, Three Egg Moon.

three egg moon

Or, more the more chess-inclined, a Three Knight Moon design. Endgame Clothing could totally run with this:

three knight moon