What the deuce is this? Is this supposed to make me want to go to Burger King?

(Note that I haven’t seen this on TV, so I don’t even know if it’s real…but it’s VERY well-made if it’s a fake.)

A night of legends

(If you wish to watch the whole thing, the entire Mafia vs Ninja playlist)

What would be the perfect Bad Movie Night? For me, I’d be happy with 3 of the following. Let me know your suggestions!
Q: Did I forget any of our favorites?

The night is incomplete without at least one of these four:

Troll 2
Sakura Killers
Sinbad of the Seven Seas (the Lou Ferrigno one)
Mafia vs. Ninja

Unfortunately, these aren’t common finds, although Troll 2 has gained a slight degree of fame (it’s on iTunes).

Other Legends

Leonard, Part 6
Kung Fu vs. Yoga
Santa With Muscles

I don’t find these legendarily bad (but they are bad and many others consider them legendary)

Howard the Duck
Plan 9 From Outer Space

I’ve never been able to watch the entire thing. (Girls and/or alcohol may give me the necessary fortitude to complete watching them, although that is not a guarantee.)

Hootch County Boys, aka the Great Lester Boggs. (I have tried to watch this movie at least 3 times, and never got more than halfway through. I don’t how Q did it.)
Baby Geniuses 2

Not good. Not fun.

Many say that “Baby Geniuses 2” is the worst movie ever made. Technically, I can’t agree with that, because I have not been able to stomach watching the whole thing.

That having been said, based on the first 10 minutes, “Baby Geniuses 2” is completely outclassed by films like “Santa With Muscles” and “Leonard Part 6”. Except for Jon Voight’s “German” accent, there is no “so bad it’s good” goodness to be derived.

This is not even a “friends and copious alcohol” movie, it’s an “enemies and copious alcohol” flick, as there are few surer ways to exact revenge.

Miss me yet?

No political message intended, I just thought this was funny. Either that or I now realize that Obama is a godless Communist who’s training new Al-Qaeda cells in Oklahoma.

Bush miss me yet

Winter garden

A while back, I proudly posted on the so-called Fail Garden. And…it was mostly a failure. Got a few herbs, some lettuce, and an unknown vegetable because I forgot to label it.

But now I’m trying container gardening again. Since it’s winter, I only have lettuce and carrots going (should have done spinach as well) and it’s actually turned out pretty well. In fact, now there’s much more lettuce than I usually use, so some days I cook stuff that needs it just to start using it up. Or, I could actually make a salad, that would work too.


Yep, no more milk jugs! They are cheap, but not they can’t hold enough soil for all the stuff I want to grow. And don’t look as good. So I started buying plastic containers. Until I calculated that building my own wooden containers is not only less expensive, but is a good excuse to hone home improvement techniques (like not hitting my thumb with a hammer, or not sawing through my own hand)

Due to my low carpentry skill, I’ve avoided posting photos containing clear closeups of the wood containers.


lettuce 2