Dear Lousy@Chess

It won’t let me post comments on your blog anymore. This makes me sad. I did want to respond to your correspondence chess post:

As far as I know, in the pre-computer days, researching books as an opening aid was completely legal. One could argue that computer-aided openings are merely an extension.

On the other hand, the difference between book aid and computer aid is something like a runner using nutrition and fitness to run faster versus strapping on a rocket pack. At some point, it’s not about the guy who runs the fastest, it’s how advanced the rocket pack is.

Would Elena Kagan be the hottest Supreme Court justice ever?

Would Elena Kagan be the hottest Supreme Court justice ever? Get a load of her legs:

It seems to me that the primary objection to her being a Supreme Court justice would be that she’d be distracting to the male judges. But they’re pretty old, so it’s not like they’d be able to see. And even if they could see, they’re probably out of testosterone. So, I don’t think there’s a problem.

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Eggs vs. Humans

eggs vs humans

Level 3 units completed. I’m actually starting to like how this is turning out.

Hero units for the campaign still need to be done. You don’t get Mr. E on the 3rd Eggish campaign scenario even though that’s what the text says.

New units:

  • Token Black Guy (Human): Wears his hat backwards and attacks with a basketball.
  • Hobo (Human): His overpowering body odor poisons enemy units.
  • Bacon Strip (Eggish): Can learn to absorb fat drippings to regenerate health.
  • Tysonian Disciple (Eggish): A boxer with a powerful punch and a glass jaw. Learns how to bite ears.

Balance Change: Couch Potatoes with Obesity upgrade have 5 HP instead of 4.

AI Changes: Up to this point, the AI has had only one “intelligent” behavior, to repair fort every 15 sec when HP got to 3 or less. Every other choice was random. The following “intelligent” behaviors have been added:

  • The AI goes into “desperate defense” condition when fort HP are low. No new research is conducted, the fort is repaired as quickly as possible, defensive units are trained, and units will be placed on the paths where the enemy is closest.
  • Ranged units are put on the path where the enemy is furthest away, giving more time to shoot.

In addition, the code supports different AI types, but only a base AI is currently implemented. The next iteration will likely show off different AI’s.

Visual Cues Added: Couch Potatoes get fatter after Obesity upgrade. Toaster changes color after Improved Alloy upgrade.

Proposed future units: Cheesy Wraith Guy, Leper, Egg Benedict, Shaolin Monk, Dragoon, Bacon Knight, Earl Grey, ManToastEgg (“half-man, half-toast, half-egg”), Two-headed Egg, Frying Pan, Summoner, Omelette Chef (did I forget any?)

I have become that which I have feared

If you knew me ten years ago, you could rightfully call me a “Dittohead” (a Rush Limbaugh fan) who swallowed American political conservatism without much thought. (“LOL those poor deluded Democrat suckers, how could anyone be Democrat?”) Government was always bad. Environmentalists were wackos. Etc., etc.

10 years later, I’m turning into one of those wacko greenies, doing stuff like:

  • Taking public transportation
  • Growing my own food (granted, only 1% of what I eat. It’s something.)
  • Using the ceiling fan instead of air conditioning
  • Walking to the grocery store
  • Using those reusable bags at the grocery store (definitely one of the few)

Al Gore is planning to fly over in his private jet to congratulate me personally for saving the planet.


Many bloggers are changing their look, and we’re going to do that too. Mr. E and I have been working hard, submitting great ideas and pictures to Donnie, but he’s too lazy to work on it. Just so you guys know whose fault it is.

Office pranks

Hey, everybody, lookit. I sat on the copier and photocopied my butt! Har har har har har har! (Annie gave me this idea, you know.)

butt photocopy

butt photocopy 2

Chess tournament, uncompelling cliffhanger version

Game 1: Paired down in what could be on paper a “warm-up game”. But my opponent showed up to play that day, ending up with 2 wins in 3 rounds. Was this one of the wins, making him the first sub-1400 player to score the full point on me?

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

Game 2: Three weeks ago, I played this very same opponent, going up 3 pawns before stupidly falling to a mate in one. Can I find a way to blow a win again?

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

Game 3: The final opponent is a 2147 behemoth. Does he have a crushing position by move 10, or can I actually force him to think? (Hint: he promotes a pawn on move 15.)

(show chess board)(hide chess board)

Eggs vs. Humans: Battle of the Century

eggs vs humans

Eggs vs. Humans won’t make anyone’s “Strategy Game of the Year”. But try it anyway.

No, it’s not complete. Right now, there are only 4 types of units available for each side, and only 2 scenarios per campaign. The plan is to eventually have 14 units per side, with a 10 scenario campaign.

It should be noted the abridged campaigns are (intentionally) easy, and are good to get a grasp of what’s going on. The difficulty will ramp up later. The Single Battle can provide a stiffer challenge. (If anyone defeats the “Unfair” difficulty level, let me know. I’ve held on long enough so that it’s probably possible, but haven’t been successful yet.)

The rest of the units are not set in stone, so if there’s any creative idea for a unit you’d like to see in-game, let me know.

Yes, I did stop work on Eggony…the graphics needed per level represents too big of time investment. (Granted, the graphics are crappy in both games, but it still takes time to do. The graphics needed in Eggs vs. Humans are simpler and quicker to do.)