The choice is obvious

I did an analysis of three possible things that could possibly be raised: vegetables, pets, and kids. The best choice for each aspect has been highlighted.

Vegetables Pets Kids
Cheap Yes No Very No
Need to be housebroken No Yes Yes
Complain if you forget to feed them No Yes Yes
Can be consumed for food Yes Yes Yes
Can legally be consumed for food Yes Varies by country No
It’s not gross to watch them reproduce Yes No No
They might try to off you to cash out on the life insurance No No Yes
But at least you can force them to do chores No Very limited Yes

Yes, I think the choice is pretty obvious.


Yesterday during lunch, I was talking a stroll through the neighborhood and looked at the plants, trees, and bushes around me. Probably since I’ve started dabbling in survivalist websites, I idly wondered whether any of them would be useful for food or medicine. Then realization struck: despite seeing many of these plants frequently, almost all of them I couldn’t put a name to.

This is completely unacceptable.

So, I have decided to learn about the plant life in the area. The plan is to photograph, identify and catalog 3 plants a week. Additionally, any utility useful for humans will be researched and recorded.

The “annoying” dandelion can be consumed as food. The greens can be used much like spinach, either cooked or as a raw salad green. The roots can also be eaten, or used to make a sort of tea. And IIRC, the flower itself also makes an acceptable tea.

Anyone want to try it? Unfortunately, I have no nearby source of dandelions to consume.

Limerick Day!

Come up with your own limerick! Here’s mine:

On Thursday, a whole lot of folk
Insisted on eating egg yolk.
The yolk had E. Coli,
The peeps thought they would die
When they all started barfing in bulk.

Christine O’Donnell

Even though my Mascot ’08 presidential campaign was a complete failure, that doesn’t mean I’ve lost interest in politics.

A while back, we took an in-depth look into Elena Kagan, and I was able to determine she was a viable Supreme Court candidate due to her assets.

I was trying to do similar research into the Tea Party darling, Christine O’Donnell. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a, er, complete overview, maybe because she has cankles.

But I don’t want to jump to conclusions. If any of you Dear Readers do manage to find any Christine O’Donnell leg shots, just let me know. Because I have nothing but the utmost respect for females in power.

Favorite dream moment

There was this one dream where I killed a mind-controlled Queen Elizabeth I with a deck of playing cards. Something like how the superhero Gambit might, expect the cards fluttered through the air like they would in real life. The whole dream was pretty awesome, but that part stands out.

What’s your favorite dream or moment from a dream?


Hi, everybody. Things are quite busy and I don’t expect to be blogging this week. So, don’t bother coming back until the 20th.

This, of course, means on Thursday I will find something absolutely compelling to post.

On politics

: Hey, Donnie, I have a question. About human males.

: OK…

: What percentage of guys would have sex with Nancy Pelosi just to say they boned someone famous?

: Um. Probably more than would actually admit it.

: What about you?

: No.

: Your goatee looks kinda dumb, to be honest.

: Yeah, thanks.