Blizzard determined that I’m not so good at Starcraft

Something like how the USCF ranks chess players, Blizzard now has a ranking system for multiplayer Starcraft 2. This weekend, I finally decided to take the plunge.

They give you 5 “placement games”, to determine which league you’ll be placed in, bronze, silver, gold, or platinum. (There’s also the elite diamond league, which takes time to earn.)

Now I know I’m not good. I’m (relatively) old and slow, running at 35-50 APM. APM is “actions per minute”, which gives a rough idea of how quickly a player can react. In comparison, there was a professional Starcraft 1 player who ran 280 APM and it was remarked that he was “kind of slow”.

All my opponents were low-level players. The two games I lost were due to rushes (once by Zerglings, once by Zealots). When the game was more standard, I won fairly easily. Overall performance was good enough to be placed in Silver (aka, “you kind of suck, but not utterly and completely”).