Texas Team Tournament

Thanks to Ivan of Getting to 2000, we participated in the 2011 Texas Team Tournament (amateur). Thanks most especially to our board 1, we were able to win the U1900 prize.

On board 1 was Nolan Hendrickson, a talented kid, who hit a master rating after this tournament. I don’t know what is ceiling is, but he’s an impressive player. He also got 4 out of 5 points, and won top overall board 1.

Ivan was board 2, and made his first FIDE norm, as well as hittin an all-time USCF high.

Ken and I were boards 3 and 4, and did well enough to basically maintain our ratings. Ken hadn’t played OTB in about 7 or 10 years. I’m just glad my 1780-ish rating seems more-or-less justified after this performance.

Oh, yeah, our team name was “Ken & the Barbies”. Thanks, Ivan!

I won’t share all 5 games with you, but the final round match I want to show off. The game was more-or-less lost after an opening error, down a Pawn in a worse position. I ended up throwing caution to the wind, figuring there was nothing to lose. I kept sacrificing material to try to keep my opponent’s King somewhat accessible. Another Pawn. Another Pawn. The Exchange. A couple declined offers even.

Despite the massive material deficit, my opponent crumbled, playing inferior defense and losing the game. This miracle was actually needed for us to draw that round and seal clear first in the U1900.

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