Qaddafi Fried Chicken

However you spell it, Qaddafi, Gaddafi, Gadhafi, the leader of Libya seems to be on his final legs. I don’t know what he’s planning besides bombing his own cities, but foresighted totalitarian regimes prepare for the day when they can no longer hold power.

We propose that Colonel Qaddafi follow in the footsteps of another colonel, Colonel Sanders. Sanders established a worldwide empire with his secret recipe. Qaddafi could develop his own tempting fried chicken recipe. Using halal meat, of course.

Eggnic Cleansing

I knew I should have been suspicious of Donnie’s new girlfriend. Not only has he stopped blogging, but the top-secret ESN (Espionage Spy Network) has caught them in the most heinous criminal activity.

My suspicions were confirmed recently when Katrushka (that’s that so-called “girlfriend”, more like “girlfiend”) suggested eating boiled eggs on their picnic. Donnie, who should know better, was all like “OK, dear”, probably he wanted to get in her pants instead of sticking to moral principles.

The ESN captured the following pictures of their wanton, abject cruelty (WARNING: these images are disturbing, violent, and heartbreaking)

The World Court at the Yolkgue has already ordered their arrest on charges of “Eggnic Cleansing”. If you see them, please beat them up and capture them until the Eggish Police and the Cyber Police can drag their sorry butts to court. Thank you.

On basketball

The Cleveland Cavaliers have lost 26 games in a row. I feel badly for them.

: Yeah, I can see why Donnie sympathizes. It’s like the time he asked 26 girls out in a row, and got rejected by every single one.

Some random stuff

Hello, people,

It’s been light around here lately. We’ll get back in the swing of things soon. In the meantime, here are some random stuff that I was trying to make full posts about but failed.

Animated stereoviews of old Japan
: Over 100 years ago, a Japanese photographer created some stereoviews, which is a pair of photographs that gives a 3D effect when viewed together.

Dr. Claw was a serious disappointment: Remember how you always wanted to find out what Dr. Claw (Inspector Gadget’s enemy) looked like? Frankly, I’d rather have the mystery back.

Hyung Jun Becomes a Progamer: If you weren’t aware, the computer game Starcraft is serious business in South Korea, with a professional circuit and its own TV channel. In this reality series, a Korean boy band heartthrob tries his hand at joining one of the progaming teams.