Bad pun day

In short, I am alive, but very busy and tired. Even on weekends. Will respond to your witty and enlightening comments later.

Feel free to submit your bad puns in the comments! Here’s mine: I don’t get along with Moroccans. We just don’t see fez to fez.

Password hell

ERROR: Your password must be between eight and twelve characters in length and must begin with a numeric character and contain one of the following special characters: “~”, “!”, “@”, “#”, “$”, “%”, “^”, “&”, “*”, “(“, “)”, “-“, “_”, “+”, “=”, “{“, “}”, “[“, “]”, “”, “|”, “;”, “:”, “/”, “?”, “.”. No character can be repeated consecutively more than two times.

The sad part is that I use multiple passwords that are considered “strong” by anyone’s algorithm and was going to use one of them. But none would pass this.