The next president

Officially, in the United States, one’s religion is no barrier to office. Nonetheless, it’s hard to imagine that a non-Christian would have a serious chance of becoming president…it would simply scare too many people. Perhaps a Jew would have an outside shot.

But what if the next president had to be of a religion with a poor reputation? Which would you choose? (Yes, I know atheism’s not technically a religion.)

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Even mundane supermarkets can contain invaluable gems:

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. This brand of beer is called “Hebrew: the Chosen Beer”. I would have tried to ascertain the difference between “Messiah Bold” and “Genesis Ale” if I were a beer drinker.

OK, Fine

Yeah, so I have to admit it. Even though everyone knows that I, the Mascot, is incredibly non-nerdy, there’s one part of me that’s…kinda nerdy.

I always wanted to star in an old-school style RPG. It would have a kick-butt name like “The Secret of Breakfast”:

And since it’s “old-school”, the graphics could use only 4 colors, like those old CGA monitors:

And you’d encounter a variety of dastardly enemies, like Goblins, Ogres, or Bagels:

You could even switch between Palette #1 (black, white, cyan, magenta) and Palette #2 (black, yellow, green, red) if you wanted some variety:

But, this would be way too awesome and the world doesn’t deserve an experience like that.

What makes you a nerd?

It’s no secret that I and most of my friends are nerds of some sort. Granted, it seems arbitrary what forms of entertainment are considered nerdy or not. As Americans, I guess non-nerds are supposed to like reality TV, football (American) and summer movie blockbusters. (Video games are OK as long as they’re first-person shooters.)

Here are a few things that assure my nerd credentials:

1. Being able to name 20 different chess openings.
2. Preferring to watch professional Starcraft to professional sports.
3. The ability to mathematically demonstrate why the World Series is not a good way to determine who the best team in the league is.

So tell me…what makes you a nerd?

Effective email campaigning

So here’s the content of an email I received:

%%model_name%% will be in a LIVE modelcast on %%date_and_time%%.

Chat with %%model_name%% during the show at ********.com. Offer your kinky suggestions and get some personal attention. Buy some Kinks now and put the show on your calendar.

Check out %%model_name%%’s profile.

How did they know these things??? I always thought %%model_name%% was the hottest girl ever!

The subject line of the email was “Test Message”, which is what got me to actually view the email.

You can earn money playing Diablo 3?

Blizzard announced the Diablo 3 beta today. Exciting, but not the biggest deal in the world. But take a note of this:

This is from the Auction House. You can sell items for either in-game money or actual U.S. dollars.

In World of Warcraft, I made a crap-ton of (fake) money via the Auction House system by taking advantage of people who weren’t so good at knowing the real value of stuff (or were willing to sacrifice more money for quick money).

While I may end up making a little bit of spending money, there are a few reasons why I won’t expect to turn much of a profit:

  1. Professionals will surely abound. It won’t be like dealing with mostly amateurs on a WoW server.

  2. It could be more difficult to gauge the fair market value. In WoW, almost items were like Copper Ore. A piece of ore is always a piece of ore, and it was fairly easy to determine the market value.

    In Diablo 3, most equipment has randomly generated statistics. How valuable is this Double Axe with increased attack speed and lifesteal versus this other Double Axe with stat bonuses and increased damage? It can be more subjective. Buy and repost will be tougher.

  3. If most people are like me, they will never bother spending real money on a fake weapon or ring.

  4. I play games for FUN first. An awesome item will only be sold if I or a friend has no use for it!