Monday Fighter!

I like how Frito-Lay treats potatoes being grown on a farm as a bonus. (Apparently other companies manufacture their potatoes in test tubes.)

And of course, the oil and salt being natural makes them…healthier somehow?

How to commentate on sports, part 2


Lesson 2: A vital part of commentating on sports is to criticize the playcalling with the benefit of hindsight. You should ignore the fact that even good coaching decisions have a chance to fail.

This is especially effective when you point out that you agreed with the initial call, making you a hypocrite.

Let’s look at ESPN’s Pat Yasinskas’ blog to give us a perfect example:

When Mike Smith first decided to go for it on fourth-and-inches in overtime, I liked the call. I thought it was gutsy and ambitious. After watching Michael Turner get stuffed, I changed my mind. Smith should have punted and taken his chances with his defense.

Hey, no one said sports commentary had to make any sense.

Zen or gibberish?

So there’s this calendar with a whole bunch of Zen sayings. While many make some sort of sense, others sound like they were uttered by a dude on magical mushrooms who wanted to sound wise.

Some of these quotes are actual Zen statements (per the calendar), others are meaningless crap that I made up. Can you tell which are which?

1. The whole moon and the entire sky are reflected in dewdrops on the grass, or even in one drop of water.

2. To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.

3. Wind, water, mind. One who masters the heart can no longer take harm.

4. Wanting nothing with all your heart stop the stream. When the world dissolves everything becomes clear.

5. An Autumn night…don’t think your life didn’t matter.

6. To one who waits, the tree gains existence.

7. Generally, faith is like spring mist at first. Be brave at the vanishing point.

8. Hollowness can only result from existence.

9. Neither stone, nor water, nor the sky raises the forest.

10. If the greatest cold does not penetrate into our bones, how will the fragrance of the plum blossoms pervade the entire universe?

Monday Fighter!

In Tuscaloosa, there’s this regional Mexican fast food joint called “Taco Casa”. It provides a relatively decent meal if you don’t mind spending a bit more than at Taco Bell.

We can overlook the poor Spanish grammar of the restaurant’s name, because they have a cool little pamphlet who sumptuous descriptions of their menu offerings. The food names generally had pronunciation guides. Just in case there was any uncertainty about how to pronounce “Taco”:

Of course, they didn’t need to tell us how to pronounce “Chimalupa”. Everyone knows what those are:

There is no longer any excuse to utter “Nachos” as a two-syllable word, as most all of us mistakenly do. It is actually three:

While Taco Casa does not offer sopapillas, they do offer something called the “sopapia”. They sound kind of similar:

Halloween #2

So I did not dress as Tim Tebow. It was really Natasha Fatale from Rocky & Bullwinkle:

Unfortunately, I do not have more pictures or a video at this time, which would have showed off my heels and sexy legs.

I donned this costume over two weekends. The first time had the additional benefit of make-up. A couple people were actually fooled enough to very briefly mistake me for a female.

A few females also expressed dismay that my legs were better than theirs, and it didn’t seem like they were completely joking. I don’t know whether to be flattered or not.

Halloween #1

Last night for Halloween, I dressed as Tim Tebow. When the kids came by for candy, I threw it at their feet.*

* Not really. But I’ve seen this joke a few times and thought it was hilarious.