We are finally on chess.com

A few months ago, I got an iPhone. The trackball, uncoolness and ringer problems of the Blackberry Bold were simply too frustrating.

Naturally, you end up looking through the App Store to see what’s interesting. There was this “Chess With Friends” app that lets you play…chess with friends.

Unless you are actually playing chess with friends, it’s horrible. Not the app, but the strangers. The majority of random opponents do not bother to finish their games. (And there’s no rating system). The only decent player said the competition sucked and advised me to use chess.com’s app.

So I did. Far better. If you are so inclined, hit me up for an online game, handle LiquidEggProduct. I promise not to cheat.

Monday Fighter!

I like Target, but now I’m starting to wonder what’s going on there….

First of all, normal people call this a “toilet”. Or find a different way to abbreviate “sheet protector”:

Sht Prtector

Second: This product name is bizarre in the first place. Then the other words on the bottle do everything they can to make the product name look as bad as possible:

I Love Pet Head

On the plus side, it appears Target has struck up an exclusive marketing deal with Triton:

Nutitriton Bars

Going to the supermarket now requires Mixed Martial Arts

I’m not sure how prevalent the survivalist movement is outside the United States. “Survivalists” or “preppers” focus heavily on being self-sufficient in case of the inability of society to function as normal. They will focus on preparing by storing massive amounts of supplies, being able to grow or hunt food, and other useful skills.

Naturally, they need to be good with a gun. How else will they can defend their stuff from the hordes of people who are starving because they didn’t prepare for Apocalypse?

Much like any group of people, survivalists are targeted by various companies, salesmen, or hucksters who think they can make some money off them.

From the plausible (“You can buy heirloom seeds from us”) to the dubious (“Dollars will be worthless after the apocalypse. You can use our gold coins to trade for stuff!”), there are any number of angles used to pitch to survivalists.

And then there’s Jason Richards.

Do not pay attention to the “6 minutes” he mentions in the second sentence of his video (which you can’t rewind). It must be more than half an hour. I did not bother to finish the whole thing and I am still unclear as to exactly what he’s selling and how much it will cost.

He is excellent at making assertions and calling it proof.

He believes the United States imports 1/3 of its food because it can’t grow enough food.

He thinks supermarkets were cleared of supplies after Harold Camping’s failed Tribulation predictions.

He asserts that having to share a half-empty supermarket with 600,000 people is a plausible scenario in the near future.

His grasp of spelling and grammar is also shaky…food was not “rationalized” during World War 2, it was “rationed”.

Just to be safe, though, if you don’t want to get in a violent bloodbath with your neighbors over the last scrap of bread, buy this guy’s stuff.

Source: http://www.survivefoodcrisis.org/new/t29/index.php

Happy New Year!

It’s a new year, even here at Liquid Egg Product, and you know what that means. Promises of more frequent updates that will not be forthcoming!

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you are already aware of my New Year’s Resolution: to be able to name all four Beatles without help or prompting (really, that’s about as much energy as I can muster for the time being)

Katrushka and I have started a low-carb diet. While I’ve never been overweight, an extra bit of fatness around the stomach has become more noticeable. (Technically my BMI is borderline overweight, but anyone who sees me knows that should be taken with a grain of salt.)

There are a few specials we are excited about. Since Robert Pearson has taken over the Chess Blog Carnival for 2012, it seems appropriate to help him start things about with a bang! Stay tuned, chess lovers.