Chuck Norris

It’s amazing that Era laundry detergent, World of Warcraft and others put out Chuck Norris commercials, many months after the meme peaked. It only makes them look like they know that they should be hip without actually knowing how to do it.

For what it’s worth, Chuck Norris thought Chuck Norris jokes were passé before they even existed.

Do you know who you’re chessing?

For my 3 or 4 readers who have played Starcraft. The meld between Starcraft and chess was strong in this one (in a sense).

The premise of this video is that one of the casters is playing a team game with a random stranger. The other caster gives the player some ridiculous restriction, often leading to fail and hilarity.

For you chess players, imagine playing bughouse. Except your friend can tell you something like “You can’t advance your pawns past the fourth rank” or “Your Knights can’t capture anything”. Plus your teammate is not aware of how you’ve been handicapped.

Stay Crunchy

This has been in my head the past 24 hours or so.

I have no idea why this is called “Stay Crunchy”. Perhaps Mr. Jenkees plays this during breakfast so his Frosted Flakes stay crunchy longer in milk.


I have won my first 11 games on

This must be the same feeling a middling college basketball team gets running up the record on weak non-conference opponents.

They know by the time March comes around, their conference record will be 8-8. And they’ll be praying that their single signature win is good enough to land them in the NCAA tournament.

Chess Enquirer, Feb 2012

Yeah, it’s getting old, but what the heck. Good for pretending I’m spending a bunch of time on new content.

In this month’s issue…

Aronian plotting to start World War 3

REVEALED: Aronian’s secret late-night strategy sessions with the spirit of Kim Jong -Il!

The secret agenda behind the Chess Blogger Carnival:
Don’t expect Pearson or BDK to tell you!

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