The best pizza ever

Katrushka makes my favorite pizza ever:

So the picture doesn’t do it justice.

But what’s special about it? The crust is made completely out of cheese. No grains. No carbs. No gluten. Just perfectly crispy chess. If you weren’t told, you’d be fooled into thinking it was a thin crust.

And it’s a quick dish to make. There’s no excuse to order Papa John’s again.

By the way, the perfect pizza is topped with Italian sausage, mushrooms, and jalapeno. Any other combination is inferior (except if you wanted to substitute pepperoni for the Italian sausage).

If Hollywood can do “Battleship”, I have every right to do “Jenga”

I am not the only one baffled by the choice to base a movie on the classic board game “Battleship”.

Granted, there are any number of movies that are worse than listening to two opponents utter “B2. Miss! J4. Hit!” back and forth to each other (oh hai, The Room!) But at least garbage like The Last Airbender had reasonable source material to start with.

If they wanted to make a movie based on a board game, maybe “Clue” would have made more sense. At least there are actual people with implied personalities.

But they chose Battleship.


If they can do that, I can take 5 minutes and invent a plot for a Jenga movie:

Famous real estate mogul Donna Truong has been given rights to build the tallest skyscraper in New York. But evil Russian oligarch Viktor Karpov has bribed the city government into letting him build one even taller! After Truong’s 1900 ft behemoth is completed, Karpov finishes his with one extra floor, putting his at 1915 ft.

Due to a worldwide shortage of all metals and building materials, Truong cannot procure more building materials to add to her skyscraper. So she decides to rip out 1/3 of the second floor, and put it on top! Infuriated, Karpov does the same. As chunks of skyscraper are ripped out to make them taller, the structures become more and more unstable. Whose skyscraper will come crashing down first?

Pretty piss damn poor coverage

Does chess know how to market itself?

For those of you who follow chess, you knew the world chess championship is being held. But looking around the web, it doesn’t feel like a major or exciting event. (Granted, the first 6 games have been draws, many not that interesting. So maybe it’s just truth in advertising.)

Take a look at some major chess sites: The headline event is some blitz event. Sure they want promote it, but could there be at least some sort of link or…something…to world championship coverage? For some reason, the US Championships are being held at the same time as the World Championship. There must have been some sort of logic to this, but I’m still trying to figure it out. World Championship coverage is in the rotating headline…at number 8.

FIDE: The World Championship is being held by FIDE. At least it’s easy to find a link. But the page linked to is so bland…it should go to the main championship page, which at least has a video and tries to appear interesting.

Could you imagine ESPN or Fox Sports with such understated coverage of the World Series? Heck, no. During the event, you’ll have a huge headline right in the middle of the page with what’s going on. There will be major buildup leading up to the event with all sorts of analysis.

With web coverage so vital, the chess world needs to make important events look important. Team Liquid (for Starcraft coverage) can do it, why can’t chess?