King Owther and the Knights of the Brown Table

We are all somewhat familiar with the legend of King Arthur.

However, Katrushka’s research determined that, in fact, “Arthur” is a corruption of “Owther” and some members of the fabled “round table” were quite different. (And there’s no evidence there ever was a round table. True facts!)

The images are actual photographs taken in MS Paint.

Eating a Jar of mayonnaise for CHARITY

There’s always the possibility that this was a well-thought out ruse and the contents were actually vanilla pudding. (I know the container was “sealed”, but it could have been a seal glued back in)

Still, I prefer to believe that he was actually eating mayonnaise.

EDIT: Yes, it’s worth watching to the end.

Food eaters and motorcyclists should visit these sites

On Nom Mama: Katrushka has started a cooking blog, which focuses on yummy, mostly low-carb foods. I promise the food is good, because I will have tasted all the stuff!

MotoPartsList: is a forum-based site that focuses on used motorcycle parts. No, I’m not a motorcyclist myself, as I am attempting to die in a less dramatic fashion.

Robert A. Heinlein commentary: After you’ve cooked some turnip pasta and posted used motorcycle parts for sale, you need to get your Heinlein fix. If you read his books, that is.

So go check them out! In the meantime, I will go back to sleep and attempt to have a dream about fighting Roy Orbison’s hair.

New Year’s Resolution still pending

For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook (shame on you!), I made a New Year’s Resolution to be able to list the names of all four Beatles without assistance or prompting.

There’s a billboard by the Hard Rock Casino in Miami announcing that Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band playing. (The over/under on how long it took them to think of “All-Starr Band”: 4.5 seconds.)

My rough train of consciousness:

“Hey, Ringo Starr is a Beatle! Let’s see if I can get all four of them this time.”
“OK, Ringo Starr.”
“George Harrison.”
“Ha, this is going to be easy. The other two are the most famous.”
“Um. um.”
“John McCartney.”
“Wait, that sounds wrong.”
“I should probably give up.”
“Oh, the other guy’s name is Paul something.”
“OK, I give up. Two-and-a-half out of four isn’t bad.”