Dear conservatives: part of the reason you lost me

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Be forewarned, I might cuss a lot here and that is highly abnormal. I am seeing red.

Part of the reason my politics changed is that a certain visible and significant subset of conservatives are assholes. They spew hate against non-Whites and non-Christians, visibly throw support to the Republican party (which gladly takes the votes) and then wonder why people don’t want to associate with Republicans or conservatism.

When the Drudge Report links to an article that can be commented on, holy shit. The conservative Drudges dump all over the comments section (All the comments are from the article Study Shows Soaring STD Rates In Many Areas Of New York City)

What’s telling is not that there might be some trolls, BUT HOW MANY PEOPLE UPVOTED OUTRIGHT HATE.

A sane, moral readership would have downvoted the following comment to hell:

Seriously? How many of those same people go to church and claim Jesus as their savior? But then you listen to their words and find out they are some of the worst pieces of shit on the planet.

At the very least, these people seem very interested in feeling morally and culturally superior. There’s good ol’ American values for you.