Monday Fighter!

No wonder sports gambling makes so much money. A lot of people get their advice from ESPN “experts”.

The World Series winner will be …

(Granted, this is still a better pick than the Miami Marlins.)

Give Congress a break

Americans think poorly of Congress. Yeah, I get it. Congress is greedy, incompetent and short-sighted.

For those of you with a significant other: remember those disagreements and fights? Those times where you had to compromise and not get what you want? And that’s just trying to get along with one other person.

Now imagine you’re a leader in Congress and you’re trying getting hundreds of other people to agree on a course of action.

Even if enough lawmakers have the same values, nothing’s guaranteed. Maybe their constituents have different priorities. Or maybe they have to keep a lobbyist happy to have enough money for a tough election coming up. They are willing to sacrifice getting law A passed if it means they can vote on laws B through E after the election.

Politics is hard. These hundreds of people can’t do what they’d want to in their perfect world.

If you were a Congressperson, you’d look greedy, incompetent, and short-sighted, too.