Monday Fighter!

About a year ago, the grocery and restaurant Mr. Chen’s opened up in our local. The paucity of Engrish products is frankly disturbing, but I finally noticed a few samples appropriate as Monday Fighter!’s.

Little known fact: the extinct dire wolf chowed down on these tasty fruits, and we can enjoy them today…

dired longan


Twelve years on, I’m pretty sick of the flag-waving and “never forget”.

Patriotism is not immoral, per se. But it reinforces a type of tribalism that humans are already biologically predisposed to.

The type of tribalism that emphasizes that one human that’s part of “us” is more valuable than one of “them”.

How many Americans (who didn’t lose someone they knew) are more upset about few thousands of “us” that died than the hundred-thousand of “them” in Iraq?

Chess Enquirer, Sep 2013

Due to increased security (paranoia) in FIDE headquarters, it’s been much more difficult to discover the dark secrets hidden in modern professional chess. Believe us, we’re trying!

Chess Enquirer Sep 2013

Jii Whiz

There was an article on Cracked claiming that Japan isn’t all that weird.

Counterpoint: How do they explain THIS???

I’m just wondering how many USB cigarette lighters it takes to break even on the production and distribution of that commercial.

“A B C D E Efu Jii…”