Age of Empires

Over the course of 2014, I have been playing the original Age of Empires (plus Rise of Rome expansion!).

This is an official announcement that I have, as of tonight, defeated all the campaigns on Hardest difficulty.

A handful of the maps were quite memorable because they were so tough, but some were surprisingly easy. (“Easy” meaning I had to restart at most once.) The penultimate scenario in “Enemies of Rome” was a worthy challenge, although it was short and only took a couple restarts. The final map was, sadly, a relative laugher. Maybe I deserved a cakewalk for the final night.

Kudos to the campaign designers for thinking up enough unique challenges to keep the campaigns interesting.

Clearly, there’s no way my mid-30’s self could do decently in multiplayer, though. Muttering “macro, macro, macro, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade” after a fight indicates my poor ability to multi-task.

Does this mean moving on to Age of Empires 2? You bet!

They’re trying to make Shaq-Fu again


Holy macaroni.

The 90’s fighting game Shaq-Fu has been a punchline for decades. The hatred and derision reached such a passion, a website was dedicated to tracking down and eliminating all copies of the game.

But now, Shaq and some new developers want a second crack at it. They’ve already raised over $50,000 in one day and are targeting $450,000!

For a mere $15 donation, you’ll get the game. At $150, you’ll get to do a voiceover with your name in the credits! How can you resist?

I don’t understand why a programmer would do this

So I found a programming blog where the writer indicated he needed to convert DateTime to ticks and vice versa. (This is in C#.)

He presents this:

public static long ConvertDateTimeToTicks( DateTime dtInput)
long ticks = 0;
return ticks;
public static DateTime ConvertTicksToDateTime( long lticks)
DateTime dtresult = new DateTime(lticks);
return dtresult;

Why write a separate function for these as an example? It’s right there in .NET (unless he was supposed to wrap the functionality, and copypasta’d for convenience).