I’m back

Hey look, I’m back! LEP is going to rise from the ashes! We’re going to have posts, the best posts.

great again

I’m a little jet lagged, so I’m gonna rest up first. Then the world will see TRUE greatness once again!

(Oh yeah, I got this great deal on some hats. Pretty neat, huh? But I found out some other guy has the same kind of hats. That bastard must have stolen my idea.)

*Footnote: I DO NOT SMELL

Fast food restaurant fails to clean bathroom for at least 3 days

In Australia, there’s a fast food joint called “Hungry Jack’s”. Sure, it looks like their logo is merely ripping off Burger King’s, but they are actually Burger King in Australia. Sort of. At least they started that way; go read some Wikipedia if you care about that stuff.

I desperately want burgers and fries now.
I desperately want burgers and fries now.

Anyway, a fairly unusual event occurred in a Perth Hungry Jack’s. I.e., there was a dead body in one of the stalls. Which was there for 3 days.

Curious minds will start to wonder: “Seeing as this was Australia, was the death caused by a crocodile, kangaroo, or rabid wombat?” The actual cause of death was your standard drug overdose, demonstrating that there are other ways to die in Australia besides dangerous animals and ridiculously hot summers.

These same curious minds will likely be drawn to the fact that the corpse was hanging around for 3 days. It’s expected that public bathrooms have more aggressive cleaning schedules.

I will also note that it’s improbable the cleaners overlooked the corpse during the course of normal maintenance. “Sorry, boss, I must have missed a spot” doesn’t fully explain the facts of the case.

The actual scene was slightly less sanitary than this.
The actual scene was slightly less sanitary than this.

But maybe the restaurant isn’t completely to blame here. “Check for corpses in all stalls” is rarely part of a restroom cleaning checklist. And fast food workers are not necessarily hired based on their penchant for initiative.

Source: Body lay in Perth Hungry Jack’s toilet for three days

Monday Fighter!

Dear World, you can thank Annie for suggesting that this should be a Monday Fighter!

One Easy Piece

The 70’s got some things right. Whether this is one of the items is up to your better judgement.

You’ll notice we now have a new header and the theme is slowly being customized (still with errors in single post). The Mascot is back among us, and we got some splainin to do.