So how do Americans REALLY view Trump?

My patriotic American friends and I were recently one day enjoying some american beer drinks and making barbecue cooking animal steaks outdoor in typical american backyard, when we talked that how much Donald Trump has make America strong in the world. Everyone said so, and agreed it is hes strength that is making Americans so joyful that now they have strong leader and not weak democratic party lady. Other country agree that they fear his making strength and hope weak lady wins not strong man. This are the ordinary talks we americans are doing with our neighbors now. Trump stronger for USA.

I don’t know who said this, but believe me, Americans think the next four years are going to be tremendous.

Copyright: badmanproduction / 123RF Stock Photo


Meet Alekstone, my nemesis. As you can see, we are closely rated in bullet chess, and he’s won every. Single. Game.

It’s like he’s He-man and I’m Skeletor.
Or he could be Lion-O and I’m Mumm-ra.
Or maybe even he’s Voltron, and I’m, uh, those purple people trying to rule the universe.

The number of those games I was winning and should have won easily….but he’s like a damn magician.

Or maybe I’m just the super-villain that cackles “I’ve finally got you this time, [fill-in-the-hero]!!!!” only to be undone by my own hubris.

I’ll get you next time, Alekstone!!! NEXT TIME!!!!!!