With apologies, to Blue Devil Knight, sorta.

The rockin’ background music was supposed to be louder. Oh, well.

16 thoughts on “7 Chess Book Reviews

  1. Holy shit, tears are streaming down my face. Tears of rage, mixed with laughter and humiliation.

    You nailed me, utterly nailed me. Awesome.

    I linked it in a new post at my blog.

  2. I liked how the Mascot struggles with pronouncing names like Yasser Sierawan …. just like us mortals.

    Oh.. and the leg shot of Pulgar… I have to go pull that book from my shelf to investigate. Thanks for enhancing the perversion factor of chess study.

  3. I give this video an F.

    You can’t handle the truth!

    I have laughted many times when reading blogs. This by far takes the cake, by far.

  4. Well, Mascot, usually I have little appreciation for your antics. This time, though, I’m really impressed. Even though it was at BDK’s expense.

  5. BDK’s series is superb, and Mascot, you’ve done something thats’ very rare in the cinema–made a tribute that’s also a good-natured spoof. Kind of like Airplane or something. Or maybe Kill Bill.

    Well, no. This is better than that Hollywood trash! A work of genius for the ages that will continue to be viewed and enjoyed as long as Man and Egg coexist on this little blue marble we call Earth…

  6. @BDK: Of course, you appreciate my wit, culture, and humor…

    @David K: Yep, I nailed it!

    @chessaholic: That good, huh? I should start charging for this stuff, yes?

    @Blunderprone: I have a few more Polgar leg shots somewhere on my hard drive…gotta post ’em later…

    @Allen: What gloves? [OOC: They were socks, not gloves.]

    @Edwin: Well, I did give that one book a C…

    @BDK2: Har, har, har. Yes, of course, you are joking that the video is an F, right? (I’ve been told I need to learn how to take a joke.)

    @Donnie: NOW can I get that raise?

    @Wahrheit: Coexist? Not yet, my friend. The UK by itself still eats 10 BILLION eggs per year. One step at a time, one step at a time….

    But you’re right, this is better than whatever’s in the theatre right now.

    @Polly: I was going to dedicate it to you, but Annie would have gotten jealous.

    @BDK: Plus Memphis couldn’t hit free throws. Don’t be too bitter.

  7. No problem, bub. It’s the least I could do after you set me up on that date with that cute tater tot. It didn’t work out, but it’s the thought that counts.

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