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I was looking through Donnie’s copies of Chess Life, and they were pretty boring. That’s probably because the publishers were suppressing all the juicy stuff. So maybe I’m going to publish a chess magazine of my own, if it doesn’t take too much work.

20 thoughts on “A sneak preview of Chess Enquirer

  1. lets start a grassroots campaign to get lizzy to show her belly button in a photo. that would be HOT.

  2. Bloody brilliant and over the top. One of those rare instances where chess blogging comes close to being as much fun as the game itself.

  3. You’ve done some excellent work before…but this takes the cake, the pie and the ice cream. Bloody brilliant! A work the world will treasure as long as chess is played.

  4. I knew I’d read that “bloody brilliant” thing somewhere before–but I thought I was quoting an English cricket play-by-play man.

  5. What. What. What.

    How DARE you happyhippo give Donnie credit for my hard work?!?!?!?!?!

    To everyone else: thank you for recognizing the greatness of my work. I’d do stuff this good more often, but then you’d get spoiled.

  6. @Tacticus: There’s no way we’re not lazy enough to actually create this magazine. Sorry.

    @Blunderprone: Somehow, I get the feeling accuracy in reporting is not the top priority of this production.

    @takchess: I’m sure MonRoi is ecstatic.

    @David: T H A N K S ! (If you’d spelled “brilliant” wrong, it would have been easier to come up with a full-fledged response.)

    @name: Er. Yes. Well, it seems she did not deign to respond, so that would be a NO!

    @Annie: Or, she would be “playing” chess. Probably using the King mostly; it’s the tallest.

    @Elizabeth: She’s pregnant? Well, don’t go spilling the beans then! At least, not more than are already spilled.

    @Tom: And that’s what blogging is supposed to be. Fun, right?

    @Wahrheit: Bad form plagiarizing the comment directly before you.

    @Derek: My ex-gf said that if I ever cheated with a guy, she’d just laugh about it. Maybe this is part of the reason she is an ex.

    @tanc: Thanks, man! Don’t let the Mascot fool you; I made some important edits to his idea!

    @Mascot: A touch arrogant, are we? Admittedly, this is close to the best post ever here.

  7. This is a must read for every “serious” chess player. Goodbye Chess Life and New in Chess…the new king has arrived! Chess Inquirer…get an edition today! I rate it 5 pawns.

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