OK, so I haven’t had any recently (due to a very busy weekend, I’ve not been on). It’s exciting to find out some of the other bloggers play, and more than likely, the following will happen:

1. Won’t see anyone for a month.
2. When someone else is finally on, it’ll be 5 people at the same time.
3. Will basically end up doing a simul (and we all know how well class C players simul)

Does anyone know how to create a friends/watch list? I’m pretty sure I’ll find the command soon, but haven’t been able to figure it yet.

13 thoughts on “Adventures on FICS

  1. “+ not blah” adds blah to your notify list. Also “finger” or “fi” + ” name” gives you stats and useful info on name and shows you his finger notes, which can be most anything they want people to see when they finger them.

  2. We need to do a little coordination and play some games amongst the LEP circle…I’m over and out for tonight but tomorrow I’ll get with the organizational aspects.

  3. In Babas, you can right-click a name, go to Add to List and then choose Notify.

    If they’re not on, then you have to +notify user, like |3atman said.

    I saw you pop in last night (I added you an hour before you did, I think) and then got cold feet. I thought, “What do I say? Hey- I know you and you know me on the blog thing…so…do you like…stuff?”

    I’m a social wuss.

  4. LOL, I feel you. This issue deserves its own post, actually.

    All I did that night was log on, get up to do something else briefly, and log out after realizing I was too tired to play chess. So don’t worry too much about it.

  5. I’m Lummox on FICS. LEPers, feel free to ping me if you see me on there. Percent of life on FICS since 1994: 2.2.

  6. I’ve been looking around and compiled the following as a first step:

    LiquidEggProduct – Donnie
    Rhuiden – Tom
    ??? – Polly
    Lummox – Derek Slater
    RLP – Robert (Wahrheit)
    RockyRook – Rocky Rook
    ??? – l3rucewayne

    Maybe you could put up a separate brief post inviting others to provide the info and then we’ll have some fun games!

  7. @Derek: LEPers -> lepers; if you noticed this before typing your comment, I appreciate your brilliance

    @Wahrheit: Brief post with names is up!

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