I’m back

Hey look, I’m back! LEP is going to rise from the ashes! We’re going to have posts, the best posts.

great again

I’m a little jet lagged, so I’m gonna rest up first. Then the world will see TRUE greatness once again!

(Oh yeah, I got this great deal on some hats. Pretty neat, huh? But I found out some other guy has the same kind of hats. That bastard must have stolen my idea.)

*Footnote: I DO NOT SMELL

For vengeance!

I entrusted the human who used to blog on this site to help defend the unrepresented Eggish race.

Instead, he has dithered, permitting the human race to continue devouring my kind unabated.

No longer. We ride. We return. And you Humans will be shamed, bribed, or coerced into eating us no longer.

(Oh, by the way, here’s my idea for the official Eggish flag. Looks ravishing if I should say so myself. No Mastication Without Representation!)

The purple is to our royal history and great monarchs.
The yellow represents the spirit of Yolk that resides within all true Eggs and their Allies.
The kind of puke green represents vomit that should be spewing from your mouth just thinking about how barbaric it is to consume another sapient species like the Egg.

eggish flag

Contract with the Dark Lord

After many starts and stops, along with some web hosting issues, getting Liquid Egg Product revived in 2013 has been more of a chore than expected.

In the end, we all agreed that nothing would happen without an ax at our necks. So, we got together with Satan and promised him that our souls would belong to him if we don’t update the site regularly. Needless to say, our motivation to update the site has increased quite a bit.

Due to various technicalities, including threats from the Illuminati and the Church of Scientology, we are not free to show the contract in its entirety, or our signatures.

Food eaters and motorcyclists should visit these sites

On Nom Mama: Katrushka has started a cooking blog, which focuses on yummy, mostly low-carb foods. I promise the food is good, because I will have tasted all the stuff!

MotoPartsList: is a forum-based site that focuses on used motorcycle parts. No, I’m not a motorcyclist myself, as I am attempting to die in a less dramatic fashion.

Robert A. Heinlein commentary: After you’ve cooked some turnip pasta and posted used motorcycle parts for sale, you need to get your Heinlein fix. If you read his books, that is.

So go check them out! In the meantime, I will go back to sleep and attempt to have a dream about fighting Roy Orbison’s hair.

Not dead

We will get back in the swing of things soon. I have been very busy and have moved from Houston to Alabama.

: Is this the part where I get to mock Red Sox fans?

: Uh, sure.

The future of LEP

Capital One may have bad customer service, but at least you can put a custom image on your credit card.

As you may have noticed, there has been a dearth of posting lately here. This is not due to a lack of interest, but because of a lack of time. Unfortunately, the things I want to do are fairly time-intensive.

The Eggs need to come back to make appearances. “Black Eggs Can’t Mate” is going to be shelved for the time being. It’s just not coming together. However, I do have an alternate idea which could use those of you who still want to be voice “actors”. More on that later.

Eggs vs. Humans is agonizingly close to finished, but I’ve had very little time to work on it. Soon, it will be available for sponsors to bid on. If I’m lucky, it’ll make a bit of money on something that was essentially done for fun. The graphics are probably too awful for that to be probable, though.

Want to continue stuff like Great Moments in History, Chess Enquirer, Corridors & Creatures and Muslim fast food. We’ll see how it goes.

Still alive

I am alive, but extremely busy. And not only because of the girlfriend. Will get to updating this blog and looking at y’alls when possible.

In the meantime, I would like to assure all readers that no one at LEP will EVER impersonate a Syrian lesbian blogger.

Revived and new blogs

Revived blogs:

Gorckat has returned after a multi-year hiatus, and is playing chess again.

BDK is trying to generate a chess carnival for January.

Blunderprone and Wang had shorter breaks, but are posting again.

New blogs:

While I won’t say who Pilgrim’s Cottage is (the original blog was taken down due to privacy concerns), former readers will recognize who it is.

Last but not least is Katrushka. For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook, we are boyfriend/girlfriend as of a few days ago. A girl who can make Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle jokes and enjoys Diablo 2 is a girl for me.