Ranking the Oscars

1. Oscar the Grouch

2. Oscar Meyer

3. Oscar de la Hoya

4. Oscar de la Renta

5. OSCAR (Online System for Clerkship Application and Review)

6. Oscar Health Insurance


What I’m trying to say is that all the Oscars out there are better than The Oscars.


Even though I haven’t played in months (and wasn’t very good), going to give a shout out to Prismata.

It takes the form of a card game, but it’s really a turn-based strategy game. As the quote on the website says, it’s sort of a mix of Starcraft and Hearthstone? But that doesn’t quite do it justice…it stands excellently on its own without such a comparison.

Here's me breaching a low-level AI. (I'd be getting curbstomped by a human.)
Here’s me breaching a low-level AI. (I’d be getting curb-stomped by a human.)

Think I have one code to get into the alpha lying around, so if you want to check it out, let me know! First come, first serve!

Fat Usher OP

There’s no point of even suggesting this card to Blizzard. If Hearthstone players rage quit when they see Ragnaros, imagine how angry they’ll be at Fat Usher…

fat usher hearthstone

Age of Empires

Over the course of 2014, I have been playing the original Age of Empires (plus Rise of Rome expansion!).

This is an official announcement that I have, as of tonight, defeated all the campaigns on Hardest difficulty.

A handful of the maps were quite memorable because they were so tough, but some were surprisingly easy. (“Easy” meaning I had to restart at most once.) The penultimate scenario in “Enemies of Rome” was a worthy challenge, although it was short and only took a couple restarts. The final map was, sadly, a relative laugher. Maybe I deserved a cakewalk for the final night.

Kudos to the campaign designers for thinking up enough unique challenges to keep the campaigns interesting.

Clearly, there’s no way my mid-30’s self could do decently in multiplayer, though. Muttering “macro, macro, macro, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade” after a fight indicates my poor ability to multi-task.

Does this mean moving on to Age of Empires 2? You bet!

They’re trying to make Shaq-Fu again


Holy macaroni.

The 90’s fighting game Shaq-Fu has been a punchline for decades. The hatred and derision reached such a passion, a website was dedicated to tracking down and eliminating all copies of the game.

But now, Shaq and some new developers want a second crack at it. They’ve already raised over $50,000 in one day and are targeting $450,000!

For a mere $15 donation, you’ll get the game. At $150, you’ll get to do a voiceover with your name in the credits! How can you resist?

Learning curve close to over

After sporadic learning, I’m starting to feel comfortable in HaxeFlixel. Also have picked up Spriter to do animations. It’s not perfect, but it was cheap and will be just fine once I figure out all its quirks.

Here’s a playable bare-bones EvH2. The Cannon Fodder remind me more of police carrying truncheons than anything (they are supposed to be carrying rolling pins). But the animation actually looks semi-adequate for a noob, certainly better than the first EvH.

Instead of the units auto-attacking like in EvH1, you can build up your army then choose to attack (or retreat if the battle goes badly!). You can also queue up to 5 units. The battlefield is longer than one screen…can be scrolled with keyboard or mouse.

Obviously, a ton more work to do.

Political correctness

A few people took offense to a few of the units in EvH1.

One person didn’t like the Vomiter, because the concept was kind of gross. And another player didn’t like the Token Black Guy because it was an explicit race reference. No one mentioned the Obesity upgrade, but I’m sure someone thought I was making fun of fat people.

The line between offensiveness and fun can be very thin, and everyone’s going to be different. But there is something to keeping things as non-offensive as possible if the audience could be anyone.

That having been said, I planned on replacing the Vomiter anyway. The “napkin plan” has a set of Pirate units for the Eggs; the Vomiter’s replacement is the Rum Drinker.
The Token Black Guy is not set to return (this doesn’t have to do with the complaint)
The Couch Potato’s Obesity upgrade will be renamed to “Beer Belly”.

Now with the references to rum and beer, someone’s going to say “You’re making light of alcoholism!”

You just can’t win.