Monday Fighter!

Dear World, you can thank Annie for suggesting that this should be a Monday Fighter!

One Easy Piece

The 70’s got some things right. Whether this is one of the items is up to your better judgement.

You’ll notice we now have a new header and the theme is slowly being customized (still with errors in single post). The Mascot is back among us, and we got some splainin to do.

Monday Fighter!

inidan cuisine

It is no longer possible to get Indian food in Tuscaloosa…we must content ourselves with Inidan food. It’s similar, but just tastes a little off…

“We are comfident you will not be dissapointed.” Considering they put cashews in a dish, specifically asking them to be non-existent due to allergies? My comfidence was misplacced.

(Normally, this place is actually quite good. Hopefully next time, they are back to their normal standards.)

Monday Fighter!

Amazingly, I have never seen “whole wheat” misspelled as “whore wheat” on an Asian food package.

And both these packages spell “alimentary” correctly. Yet, it is a treacherous ordeal to spell “pasta” correctly.


Monday Fighter!

About a year ago, the grocery and restaurant Mr. Chen’s opened up in our local. The paucity of Engrish products is frankly disturbing, but I finally noticed a few samples appropriate as Monday Fighter!’s.

Little known fact: the extinct dire wolf chowed down on these tasty fruits, and we can enjoy them today…

dired longan

Monday Fighter!

No wonder sports gambling makes so much money. A lot of people get their advice from ESPN “experts”.

The World Series winner will be …

(Granted, this is still a better pick than the Miami Marlins.)

Monday Fighter!

Let’s say you have a company that’s targeting a particular city. Say Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

One of the things you may want to ensure is that the name of the city is spelled correctly. Even if your target audience is tourists that don’t know “Fort Laderdale” is incorrect.

Fort Laderdale

Monday Fighter!

There used to be a chain of supermarkets in the Southeast U.S. called Bruno’s. I don’t know what the chain was like in general. One of the most noticeable features of our local branch was the lack of attention to spelling on their signs.

Bruno’s went bankrupt in 2012, bought out by one Belle Foods. Unfortunately, the spelling on their signs seems to have improved, meaning fewer Monday Fighter! opportunities, like this one:

"Naval" oranges

Sail away, sail away, sail away…