Bad pun day

In short, I am alive, but very busy and tired. Even on weekends. Will respond to your witty and enlightening comments later.

Feel free to submit your bad puns in the comments! Here’s mine: I don’t get along with Moroccans. We just don’t see fez to fez.

“Black Eggs Can’t Mate” Casting Call?

I can’t start this for another month or two, but I’m envisioning an actual Black Eggs Can’t Mate Flash movie, maybe 10 to 15 minutes long.

Would you be interested in a voice acting role? Let me know! Actual acting ability is completely optional.

Unfortunately, I don’t know any GM’s or IM’s to cast as the Russian grandmasters; that would be AWESOME. It would lend some credibility to the project (sort of). But it’s not like Hikaru Nakamura stops by LEP all the time or anything and would volunteer (and it’s not like he can do a convincing Russian accent anyway).

Black Eggs Can’t Mate

Once we get enough money, we’re making the movie “Black Eggs Can’t Mate” (click image for full size):

Synopsis: Chess hustlers make a living by winning bets off neighborhood games. Chess Expert Albert Chan (played by Egg Fu Yung) thinks he can be the best hustler in the ‘hood. But he’s fresh off the boat, and is having a tough start in a new country.

Albert stumbles upon struggling rapper Tyronez Bonez (played by Mr. E) and discovers a latent chess talent. The unlikely duo strike it rich on the chess hustling scene, because no one thinks black guys can play chess.

But when the National Bughouse Tournament comes to town, ghosts from the past threaten to destroy Albert and Tyronez. Will our chess hustler heroes thwart the plans of pasty white CEO Lars Melville (played by the Mascot)? Can they hang with those blasted Russian Grandmasters?

Qaddafi Fried Chicken

However you spell it, Qaddafi, Gaddafi, Gadhafi, the leader of Libya seems to be on his final legs. I don’t know what he’s planning besides bombing his own cities, but foresighted totalitarian regimes prepare for the day when they can no longer hold power.

We propose that Colonel Qaddafi follow in the footsteps of another colonel, Colonel Sanders. Sanders established a worldwide empire with his secret recipe. Qaddafi could develop his own tempting fried chicken recipe. Using halal meat, of course.

Some random stuff

Hello, people,

It’s been light around here lately. We’ll get back in the swing of things soon. In the meantime, here are some random stuff that I was trying to make full posts about but failed.

Animated stereoviews of old Japan
: Over 100 years ago, a Japanese photographer created some stereoviews, which is a pair of photographs that gives a 3D effect when viewed together.

Dr. Claw was a serious disappointment: Remember how you always wanted to find out what Dr. Claw (Inspector Gadget’s enemy) looked like? Frankly, I’d rather have the mystery back.

Hyung Jun Becomes a Progamer: If you weren’t aware, the computer game Starcraft is serious business in South Korea, with a professional circuit and its own TV channel. In this reality series, a Korean boy band heartthrob tries his hand at joining one of the progaming teams.

The Holy Empire of Liquid Egg Product

Thanks to Katrushka, I have discovered, where you get to create your own country. There’s not so much to do; everyday, you get a chance to create law for your country, nudging the needle in the areas of civil rights, economy, and personal freedoms. It should be fun to see things develop.

So far, elections have been outlawed and bicycles have been banned from major roadways. Once the country becomes poor enough so that people can’t afford their vehicles, I’ll probably consider allowing bicycles back on the road.

If you’re wondering whether the Holy Empire of Liquid Egg Product is planned to be loosely based on North Korea…that’s perfectly accurate.

Check out: The Holy Empire of Liquid Egg Product (that’s our flag at the top, by the way)


In the United States, today is the holiday of Thanksgiving, where we talk about how thankful we are for stuff.

For example, it could be stated that I am thankful that I don’t need to talk to my doctor about Viagra (yet).

What are YOU thankful for?