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Did you know that over 10 billion eggs are eaten in the United Kingdom each year? Now imagine the whole world! This crime against egganity has gone on too long and the eggish community has had enough! How would YOU like it if eggs started eating 10 billion people a year? Yeah, thought as much.

So who are we?

EETE is the largest egg rights organization led by eggs in the world. We believe eggs are people, too, and should not be cruelly fried, whipped, beaten, or scrambled simply to be eaten by people. It's kinda cannbalistic.

EETE works through public education, cruelty investigations, research, egg rescue, legislation, special events, celebrity involvement, and protest campaigns. Well, once we get more celebrities to get involved besides me.

Who are your mortal enemies?

There are organizations like the Egg Nutrition Center and the American Egg Board who are full of jerks and sadists who try to convince you eggs are healthy. They're Wrong; we eggs are full of cholesterol, which will attack your heart and you will DIE at 45. Some call it karma. We call it your just desserts.

Who's the brilliant mind that founded this noble organization?

The Mascot founded EETE back in 2008, and is the current president. He is looking to use his experience as president of EETE to become president of the USA, thus ushering in a golden era for eggs in this country...and from there the world. He's also a co-blogger on Liquid Egg Product, a site of questionable taste and value. Except for the parts he writes, naturally.

It took you under an hour to make this site, didn't it?

About 1 hour, 15 minutes.