Tonight I ran across some gasbag who decided to create his/her own award for blogs that make you think. It’s called the “Thinking Blogger Award”, and it’s really just a slightly more clever version of those somewhat annoying memes you might see floating around. Which, of course, I would never participate in. Oh, right…

Anyway, I haven’t been nominated for that “Thinking Blogger Award”. (And even if that did happen, I would probably reject it just to preserve its sanctity.) However, I decided if a random dude/dudette can create some sort of honor out of thin air, so can I! Plus, I’d have two different size awards instead of just one. So it’s…better…er…

Worthless Blogger Award, large size Worthless Blogger Award, small size

Perhaps the Worthless Blogger Award is of dubious use, since the majority of blogs would be well- to overly-qualified to “win” this distinction. Think of it as one of those “Certificates of Participation” you received in elementary school so you wouldn’t feel bad, even though you didn’t come close to having enough talent to actually win one of the real awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

If you’re on my blogroll…um…I guess you’ve just been nominated to receive the “award” as well. And if you’re wondering how the Mascot all of a sudden has hands now, I suggest you improve your skill at suspension of disbelief.

[Edit: OK, I’m sick of posting now. Think I’ll quit for a few days…]

5 thoughts on “Heck, I can do that, too.

  1. This almost makes me want to start a blog just so I can try to get the worthless blogger award. Because I know that’s what would happen. It would be at least mediocre at the start and steadily get worse as time goes on 🙂

  2. Yes, that happens a lot. Pretty much, you really don’t have to try to earn it; you’d just stick it on your blog right off the bat.

    Of course, if your blog became any good, I’d have to revoke it…

  3. @Caroline: *sigh* Spoken like a woman. If you really want to post the “award”, it would take me one minute to change to the color of your choice.

    @Annie: It looks stupid? Really? I’d never have thunk it. 😉 [EDIT: just went to your page, and see that Xanga ****** with it, making it doubly bad.]

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