Hey look, I’m back! LEP is going to rise from the ashes! We’re going to have posts, the best posts.

great again

I’m a little jet lagged, so I’m gonna rest up first. Then the world will see TRUE greatness once again!

(Oh yeah, I got this great deal on some hats. Pretty neat, huh? But I found out some other guy has the same kind of hats. That bastard must have stolen my idea.)

*Footnote: I DO NOT SMELL

2 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Mascot will make a better president than that other guy…sigh. Also, where did Donnie go that involved a flight?

  2. You don’t get it, I’m the one who took a flight. Sort of. There’s all sorts of top-secret stuff that I’m not allowed to say because those guys are watching me too closely.

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