As many times as you’ve heard not to waste food because of starving children in Ethiopia, sometimes you just gotta get rid of it. Based on personal experience, here are some foods and a good sign you should throw them out.

Fig Newtons/Fig Newmans: they’ve become crunchy
Burrito: tortilla “decorated” with blue polka dots
Milk: has changed state of matter
Ramen topped with eggs: ramen topped with fungus

(Yes, this post is bizarre and pointless. My mind’s still not working very well right now.)

4 thoughts on “Is it time to throw out that food?

  1. Or, when you break open an egg to cook breakfast and KERPLUNK an egg-shaped block of ice lands in your hot oil.

    Actually the egg was fine, but the yolk got all frothy as it melted. Tasted good. Tater tots. Mmmmm.

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