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-- Pat Robertson, false prophet

Leonard of Quirm is responsible for naming Earth’s telescopes

You have a chance to become somewhat immortalized.

The Very Large Array, which is a very large array of radio telescopes in New Mexico, is about to complete a major set of upgrades. To celebrate, they want to rename it to something a bit more creative. Can’t imagine why.

Telescopes seem to have a tradition of rather uncreative names, such as the Very Large Telescope, the European Extremely Large Telescope and Overwhelmingly Large Telescope.

You can suggest a new name at http://www.nrao.edu/namethearray/, although it doesn’t look like they will provide any prizes for your trouble if your name is selected.

October 15th, 2011 8 comments
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  1. What did you name it?

    Comment by Q | 16 October 2011

  2. The “Q Is Amazingly Awesome Radio Telescope Array”. It probably won’t win.

    Comment by Donnie | 16 October 2011

  3. You forgot “Sexy and Debonair.” “Q is Amazingly Awesome, Sexy, and Debonair Radio Telescope Array.”

    Comment by Katrushka | 16 October 2011

  4. I named it “Donnie’s Long Radio Telescope Array” :) J/K

    Comment by Q | 17 October 2011

  5. We’re talking about serious scientists here. They’ll be, “Huh, why do I keep hearing about this sex thing?”

    Comment by Donnie | 17 October 2011

  6. Ha, believe me, they won’t get it!

    Comment by Donnie | 17 October 2011

  7. You have confused scientists with WoW players.

    Comment by Katrushka | 17 October 2011

  8. Eh. Most of them are underage anyway.

    Comment by Donnie | 20 October 2011

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