Per Wahrheit’s recommendation, I’m compiling these in one post. Feel free to add your name to the list, and I’ll edit this list as names come in. And I’ll even keep it stickied on the sidebar! (LEPers was a great term, BTW).

If you are on this list, expect me to challenge you and attempt to consume your eyebrows for lunch (metaphorically). Now sorted by blog name.

Blog name Real name, maybe FICS handle
Castling Queenside Polly ppwchess
Chess Adventures gorckat gorckat
Chess Improvement David K transformation
Chesstiger Chesstiger logis
drunknknite Kevin kevingafni
Getting to 2000 Ivan ivanw
Hardcore Pawnography chessloser mandalorian
hiddenleaf hiddenleaf hiddenleaf
Houston Chess Glenn (Tacticus Maximus) NoTB
l3rucewayne’s blog l3rucewayne TheDarkKnightTwo
Liquid Egg Product Donnie LiquidEggProduct
Reassembler Derek Slater Lummox
Robert Pearson’s Chess Blog Robert (aka Wahrheit) RLP
Rocky Rook Don RockyRook
Takchess (dunno yet) takchessguy
The Everyday Christian Tom Rhuiden

I’ve never heard of this Rocky Rook dude/dudette, so time to check him/her out (ah, the page is here, and the blogger is most likely male)

24 thoughts on “LEPers on FICS

  1. Great! I have a lot to learn about FICS commands, and how to set up the babachess, so I’ll get on it and make a notify list of these folks. I’d like anyone who’s interested in some kind of round robin to leave a note here or email me, and I’ll try to organize, make a crosstable and all that good stuff.

  2. Will it be a slow chess thing like G/60 or something? I’d be down for that. Best to publish all pairings at once (RR is easy :P) and set a deadline of ~1 week per game and allow people to play as fast or slow as they want within that timeframe.

    At Chess Forums, we had tried to get one set up in the late summer and it flopped with only four people because there was no deadlines. It was a tad nebulous.

  3. Donnie,

    First of all, I like your subtitle … the Shawn Bradley of Weblogs. Is there a story behind this?

    I’m interested in this round-robin on FICS. I’ve been trying to play one slow game a week. I’ve tried a few on-line tournaments, but the dates and times I’d have to play didn’t always work out … so I simply try to find a game when I have the time.

    Which leads me to the last point. Because of my wacky work schedule (I work shifts in a data center), sometimes I may not have many chances to play during a week. But usually every week, there are two or three days that are open.

    If you need to contact me directly, you can email me at hotmail … just attach rockyrook at the front.



  4. Ouch, that stings(jk :-). Or were you just respecting my paranoia over giving out identifying information online?). Anywho, Mine is TheDarkKnightTwo. I think TheDarkKnight was taken at the time I picked sadly.

  5. I just checked and here is a recent data sheet of our ratings for the standard time controls. A higher RD means higher possibility of the rating being inaccurate I think. 80 and below is supposed to be pretty accurate. Thought these would be useful in making pare-ups, although they might become out of date by the time pair-ups get made.


    LiquidEggProduct – Donnie: Standard 1678 97.4

    Rhuiden – Tom: Standard 1464 43.6

    ??? – Polly:

    Lummox – Derek Slater: Standard 2055 51.3

    RLP – Robert (Wahrheit): Standard 1697 87.8

    RockyRook – Rocky Rook: Standard 1618 110.5

    TheDarkKnightTwo – l3rucewayne: Standard 1587 77.3

    gorckat – gorckat: Standard 1465 RD 94.9


    Hmm, looks like now I’m in the 1500-1600 range now, ah well. Polly is the mystery man for now. I wonder how long I have been linking my comments to l3rucewayne.wordpress[“,”instead of”.”]com.

  6. Looks like a reasonable rating group for a tournament, I think it would be a blast; Derek Slater’s a USCF Expert, I believe, so we’ll have to play out butts off to nick him for some points…

    I would propose a G/15 with a 30-second increment.

    I’ll see if I can get in touch with Polly.

  7. Re: Time control. G/60 is probably too much, due to time constraints of people–although the desire for better chess is understandable. G/15 + 30 is interesting and doable. I’d shoot closer to a G/25 + 7, but am not picky. G/15 is the minimum needed for decent games, though.

    Re: The Expert. At various times, the Expert has declared himself to be old and fat, so perhaps that will work to the advantage of us lesser ones (although if you’ve seen the Expert’s picture, old and fat are both exaggerations).

    Re: Dark Knight. Both reasons, actually. I couldn’t remember if it was TheDarkKnightTwo or just DarkKnightTwo. But I felt more comfortable about you giving the info yourself.

    Re: Shawn Bradley. This story is somewhere between too long for a comment and not quite worthy of its own post. Nonetheless, I will tell the whole story as a post.

    Re: me and the Mysterious link. Thank you for making it look extra suspicious, although a combination of factors lead me to believe you were legit.

    Re: whatever I forgot. Sorry.

  8. I would like to play but it probably isn’t realistic. I only play late at night and unpredictably at that, so scheduling a game would be a crapshoot with me.

    Why’s it all gotta be about oldness and fatness and baldness? How come nobody mentioned my freakishly thin wrists? Geez. Vicary gets all the glory.

    Tacticus – RD 350? That’s like inactive for a decade, yes? 🙂

  9. @chessloser: That explains a lot. And you made me look up what a Mandalorian is.

    @Tacticus: Expert II is also old and fat? Dang. I’ll stick your name on the list.

    You keep your eyebrows if you win. Simple. (And with your USCF 400 point rating advantage, that shouldn’t be hard.) And even if I do win, just don’t tell me where you live.

    @Derek: Hey, I never mentioned your baldness. So there. (And if you are balding, the pictures I’ve seen of you hide it.)

    About your wrists, I was planning to dedicate an entire post to comparing you and Vicary, so hold your horses.

    Re: playing schedule. We’re doing a game a week, so even freaking playing times could probably be accomodated.

  10. So I guess all that’s left is the pairings, the style of tournament(or has round robin been decided?), and the time control. Oh, and how much Donnie should pay the winner:-).

  11. I’m ppwchess on FICS, and I suck! 🙂 My rating is under 1300. It’s based on 5 minute games and it’s still provisional. A round robin sounds like fun.

  12. Feel free to add me to the list.

    My handle on FICS is hiddenleaf.

    My old link to you on my blogroll didn’t work anymore, the rss one of today, but the rss-feed seems to be working. Maybe more readers have had this problem.


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