Dear World, you can thank Annie for suggesting that this should be a Monday Fighter!

One Easy Piece

The 70’s got some things right. Whether this is one of the items is up to your better judgement.

You’ll notice we now have a new header and the theme is slowly being customized (still with errors in single post). The Mascot is back among us, and we got some splainin to do.

3 thoughts on “Monday Fighter!

  1. yes yes yes yes yes. donnie gets ALL his good ideas from me. i also spend a lot of time slipping sleeping pills in mascot’s food which is why we havent heard from him.

    the ad copy is lowbrow softcore genius. one can hear the twangy bong chikka wow wow wafting through the air as the words ‘quick as a flick of her tongue’ go by.

  2. @Q: Did you not read the compelling ad? Unfortunately, no purple, but there’s gotta be someone who can dye it for you!

    @Annie: Yeah, I’m get all hot and bothered just reading the ad again. Luckily my bedroom has a lock.

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