In addition to the addicting Desktop Tower Defense*, found a couple of interesting tower defense games. Which of course you won’t play during work because you’re bored or lazy.

Bloons Tower Defense 3 is a sweet upgrade over the second one. Dart-throwing monkeys, Spike-o-pults, and Pineapples are all part of your arsenal to pop “bloons” (balloons) before they get to the other side.

Bloons Tower Defense 3

Gemcraft’s tone is more serious; you create gems to put in towers which zap the monsters created by some evil wizard. It looks to be a LONG game to actually finish and I probably won’t bother. You might though.

I like the monkey game better.



*One of these days, I’ll be determined enough to get back the top score.

6 thoughts on “More Tower Defense

  1. I tried the gemcraft game and thought it was bland. After playing a Warcraft 3 mod called DK’s Tower Defense, i got spoiled. If there was a way to combine DK Tower Defense’s complexity with Gemcraft’s RPG and length. That would make an epic tower defense game.

  2. I find bloon 3 to be very addicting. I’m trying to get the super monkey, but i kept dying before that happened.

  3. Super Monkey kicks ass although I made a mistake of putting him on the edge. Put him in the center… his range can upgrade to cover the whole screen if you do.

  4. @Q: The big level to get by is the first MOAB level (37, I think). I don’t know how other people do it, but pineapples seem to help a lot. Maybe I should try road spikes; it could bemore economical.

    Warcraft 3 I did not find that compelling…the worst of Blizzard’s games IMO. (Although the Arthas wiping out that village was one of the most memorable gaming moments ever.)

    @Allen: Heck, yeah. Pump him up with laser and plasma upgrades, and you’re doing some serious popping. Did you try the Monkey Storm Beacon? Awesome, but doesn’t seem economical.

  5. Monkey Storm Beacon didn’t seem all that great. For the price, I’d rather just make two super monkeys.

    Warcraft 3, like Starcraft, had a very good custom map engine. Tower Defense maps for Warcraft 3 are still the best imo. Then again, I could be biased since the first tower defense games I ever played were from Warcraft 3/Starcraft.

    And yea, I used road spikes as a last resort.

  6. Maybe I’ll reinstall WC3 and check out some of the maps.

    The second expansion for WoW is coming Nov 13…sometimes I can’t believe I’m still playing and plan on getting the expansion the day it comes out.

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