For a few years, I’ve been working on Eggs vs Humans on-and-off again. Normally I don’t like to make New Year’s resolutions. But finishing EvH is the one I’ve made this year.

To aid that, I’m committed 2 hours at the end of 3 workdays per week (starting at 11pm EST). To help force myself to do it, I will be live-streaming the development at

Come watch, and be amazed at how poor I am in front of a camera.

Weekends will be additional development time, which may or may not be streamed.

3 thoughts on “One way you can watch my beautiful face

  1. Awesome! You’re on twitch TV now. You must be famous 🙂 I’m at work on weekdays so please stream during the weekends. I’m also not familiar with twitch tv interface. Can we talk to you while you’re live streaming?

  2. There is the infamous Twitch chat for communication!

    If you show up, there will be a fair chance you are the only person there! Game dev streams are not popular. The most popular ones are 100-150 viewers. For me, a non-publicizing noob, even having 5 simultaneous viewers would be shocking.

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