For some reason, we have agreed to host the next Chess Carnival. Several months ago, Blue Devil Knight took the initiative in trying to improve the state of the chess blogosphere by initiating the chess improvement carnival again.

What is this carnival? It’s where you, dear reader, submit quality material to share with the world. Your article should be related to chess improvement. If you want to participate, submit an article here.

In case you missed them, here are the prior carnivals:

March 2011, Blunderprone
February 2011, Brooklyn64
January 2011, Blue Devil Knight

By the way, you can be assured that I will treat the carnival with the utmost respect.

: I won’t.

: Shut up, you.

: You’re not hosting this because you like chess, you just want the extra traffic, don’t you?

: Er, um, no….of course not…

10 thoughts on “Submit your stuff for the April Chess Improvement Carnival

  1. @BDK: I hope you had Richmond going to the sweet 16!

    @Blunderprone: Shhh, Katrushka isn’t going to be too happy about that!

    @Q: Sorry, you have to submit through the website. But it sounds like a winner…

    @Katrushka: Don’t listen to what Blunderprone said.

  2. You have to select chess from the list. I included your post in the carnival, even though I was slightly disappointed your blog doesn’t have much to do with ketchup.

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