Current line: 11 1/2

Donnie: New England
Mascot: New York

10 thoughts on “The S**** B***

  1. I’m up in New Hampshire. It is nice. Pats fans are less obnoxious up here. Down in NC they tend to be a bit more flagrant because they feel they need to “represent.”

    Polly, if Mascot is right that’s OK with me, as long as the Pats still win while not covering the spread 🙂

    Arlen Spectre is a total ass.

    Go Pats!!!! I hope I can sleep tonight.

  2. 17 hours to game time…I pick the Giants to cover the 11 1/2; the way S**** B**** usually go, if they don’t stay close they’ll probably get blown out. I’ll keep with my long tradition of going outside and playing football at half, rather than be subjected to whatever gruesome “entertainment” the League has planned.

  3. @Polly: I don’t mind him being right, because I’ll still be above .500 and he’ll be below .500 for playoff picks.

    But, unfortunately, the Giants don’t have that good of a chance and could easily be a blowout.

    @David K: Your phrase “lots of good stuff here” was eerily close to some of the spammers I’ve been getting. (Of course, the phrase is also true.)

    My handle is, naturally, LiquidEggProduct.

    The Mascot and I are hoping for some more cute females in new photos (but he’s the only one who literally slobbers on the keyboard).

    @BDK: Jets fans (NY fans in general, but esp the Jets) are notorious in Miami–probably the representation thing you were talking about.

    Don’t worry about Arlen Specter; he’ll worry about the recession and the 47 million Americans without health insurance sometime down the road.

    The Pats are going to crush today; there’s no use worrying.

    @Wahrheit: LOL. That’s actually a good tradition; I’d rather watch that than the “Lingerie Bowl”

    @Polly 2: We’ll leave that for you.

  4. Weird I could have sworn I had seen a post about live blogging on this blog this morning, which was surprising as I didn’t know how one would do that here. was that a different blog?

  5. @l3rucewayne: You weren’t seeing things. I rescinded it once I realized I wouldn’t really be able to do it.

    @BDK: Seriously? You guys have still won 3 championships in the last 7 years!

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