Mainstream science holds that our universe originated with the Big Bang. A fundamentalist from one of the monotheistic faiths believes we were directly created by God. A number of people dip from both science and religion, believing God initiated the Big Bang.

If you think about it, these explanations can’t really “make sense”. They’re so far out of the realm of everyday reality, it’s impossible to have a good intuitive feel about what explanation is most likely to be right.

This is why we have to make the best possible judgment with the incomplete information we have. If someone thinks they can apply Occam’s Razor to the origins of the universe, they are dogmatic, don’t understand what Occam’s Razor is, or both.

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  1. I prefer to trust the word of the One who was there at the creation of the universe. Genesis 1:1 says “In the beginning, God…….”

    So I guess that puts me in the fundamentalist camp and I can live with that.

  2. I had to look up Occam’s Razorbeak in wikipedia. Complicated stuff. Apparently “simple” does not mean “less complicated”, which was my misconception. So how bout them sports? 🙂

  3. The human bias here is appalling.

    Research by Eggish scientists indicates that before time, there were two elements, the Primordial Yolk and a jar of Hollandaise sauce. The Yolk encompassed the essences of light, energy, and gases. The jar of Hollandaise sauce encompassed darkness, matter and metal.

    The universe began when these two entities collided, forming everything we know today.

  4. @CMoB: Looks cool. Thanks for the tip!

    @Tom: I probably should not have used the word “fundamentalist” due to its negative connotation today. I define it simply as one who accepts a more-or-less literal interpretation of scripture.

    @Q: Occam’s Razorbeak? Is that a rare species of bird?

    @Mascot: You’re a moron.

  5. Wait wait, I think these Eggish scientist may be right. Some of our own scientists are onto that theory but would not go public with it. This could also mean that humans and eggs are genetically similar.

  6. Why can’t it be both? We all came from the great egg. One day the yolk within the great egg grew enough pressure to overwhelm the flimsy shell it was contained it. The great egg exploded and thus the big bang was born.

  7. Incomplete information. Hmmm…hope you mean the silly notion of “big bang” theory. Because all this time, I thought that God gave us enough complete info in the Bible to tell us He created the earth and in six days.

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