Apologies for the slight tardiness of this. I’ve been traveling today, and now am up later than optimal trying to finish this. (Your most recent comments have been noted; will respond later.)

Quick version

This week’s pairings are below. Time control is 15/30. Mostly common-sense rules review is here. (One of them is “Don’t cheat.”)

And if you save the PGN, you can easily post the games using chessflash.com.

Week 1 Pairings
White Black
Sciurus Chessaholic
Blunderprone Polly
Tom Drunknknite
Takchess Donnie
Wang Ivan
Wahrheit Bye

(Takchess: I should be able to do any day after 7pm EDT, or anytime on the weekend. Just let me know.)


Unfortunately, I got some pushback from the US government, so Kim Jong Il is now ineligible to play. Shaq and Space Ghost mysteriously dropped out.

Participants…take note of your number!

# “Common” Name Blog FICS handle
1 Drunknknite drunknknite Kevingafni
2 Ivan Getting to 2000 Ivanw
3 Polly Castling Queen Side PPWchess
4 Donnie Liquid Egg Product LiquidEggProduct
5 Sciurus Squirrel Chess sciurus
6 Wahrheit Robert Pearson’s Chess Blog RLP
7 Blunderprone Blunder Prone…The troubled Knight TheBlunderprone
8 Takchess Takchess Chess Improvement takchessguy
9 Tom The Everyday Christian Rhuiden
10 Wang Patzer’s Corner Wangos
11 chessaholic Chessaholic chezzznut

The order was based on FICS standard rating, if there was one with a reasonably large history. If not, I used other ratings found via your websites (ie, Ivan, Sciurus, Takchess, Wang, and chessaholic). So this certainly not an exact indicator of playing strength!

There are two divisions, each being a round-robin. The winner of each division will play for the championship!

Unfortunately, no matter the format, some people would have had to take byes. Sorry, Alex Chiu divisioners! (If you want to recruit a 12th, I’ve no prob with the late entry, though.)

Dr. Gene Ray Division Alex Chiu Division
drunknknite Ivan
Polly LEP
Sciurus Wahrheit
Blunderprone Takchess
Rhuiden Wang
chessaholic The Bye

The schedules look like this if you want to plan ahead:

Round Dr. Gene Ray Division Schedule
1 5:11 7:3 9:1
2 1:11 3:9 5:7
3 3:11 5:1 7:9
4 11:9 1:7 3:5
5 11:7 9:5 1:3
Round Alex Chiu Division Schedule
1 6:12 8:4 10:2
2 2:12 4:10 6:8
3 4:12 6:2 8:10
4 12:10 2:8 4:6
5 12:8 10:6 2:4

Week 6 will be the championship between the two division leaders!

9 thoughts on “Tournament of Lepers 2, Week 1

  1. Yeah, doesn’t surprise me that SpaceTOAST dropped out. He hasn’t used the power Bands since 1981 and given the fact that he’s got a “desk job” means he’s totally out of shape these days. WUS! I hope I didn’t scare him too bad though. Maybe my friend, The Tick, can visit his talk show?

    Defenders can email me at george dot duval at comcast dot net ( you get it) to schedule with me.

  2. Maybe when I’m in Seoul next month I can meet Kim Jong Il at the DMZ for a quick game of blitz. I can’t believe you’re making me play the evil drunk knight again! Boo hoo!! 🙁

  3. Donnie, I am about 90% sure I am going to around at 8:00 tonight (monday) if you want to play. I am a Fics newbie so I would like you to do the invite etc when I am there.

  4. @Blunderprone: Super hero gets frightened off by regular Joe? It just goes to show.

    @Polly: Look at the bright side…I could have made you play Ivan. To paraphrase Takchess, Ivan must be awesome because his name’s Russian.

    @likesforests: We will, even if they are only interesting for laughs.

    @Wahrheit: Strong words. I’m counting on the Bye sapping your energy for the rest of the tournament.

    @Ivan: Well you’ve done what you can do. Maybe Wang has been waylaid by life!

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