Week 2 Results

White Black Result
drunknknite LEP 1-0
Rocky Rook Wahrheit 0-1
Polly l3rucewayne 0-1
Tacticus Tom 1-0
chessloser gorckat 1-0

Week 3 Matchups

White Black
Tom chessloser
l3rucewayne Tacticus
gorckat drunknknite
LEP Rocky Rook
Wahrheit Polly


                  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  T
1  drunknknite   xxx --- --- --- --- 1.0 --- 1.0 --- --- 2.0
2  Tacticus      --- xxx --- --- --- --- --- --- 1.0 1.0 2.0
3  Wahrheit      --- --- xxx --- --- --- 1.0 1.0 --- --- 2.0
4  l3rucewayne   --- --- --- xxx 1.0 --- 1.0 --- --- --- 2.0
5  Polly         --- --- --- 0.0 xxx --- --- --- 1.0 --- 1.0
6  chessloser    0.0 --- --- --- --- xxx --- --- --- 1.0 1.0
7  Rocky Rook    --- --- 0.0 0.0 --- --- xxx --- --- --- 0.0
8  Liquid Egg    0.0 --- 0.0 --- --- --- --- xxx --- --- 0.0
9  Tom           --- 0.0 --- --- 0.0 --- --- --- xxx --- 0.0
10  gorckat      --- 0.0 --- --- --- 0.0 --- --- --- xxx 0.0

Everyone seems to be very nice and respectful to each other, which is a major downer. We need to start spreading the seeds of a Yankee-Red Sox type rivalry that will rock the chess blogging world. Like smashing a beer on someone’s head and some good trash talking.

My game against drunknknite turned out not to be over on move 9 (unlike last week’s debacle). But maybe it should have been. I didn’t resign when it was time, but it led to a relatively exciting ending which he won in the end anyway. Gotta post it soon.

31 thoughts on “Tournament of Lepers, Week 3

  1. I caught the very end and it looked like it must have been at least competitive.


    (Better? πŸ™‚ )

  2. What you need to start a good rivalry are remarks during the game progress like, “If you stop admiring my twin bishops, you might actually play better!”

    or if you got a Knight fork on your opponent, “What’s the matter, have you forgotten how the little horsie moves?”


  3. what Derek means to say, is that the missing father figure is compensation for the overbearing mother figure, rage at women for not having a pe_is, vehement opposition to false ideals of republic embodied by messianic Texan cowboys, Haliburtan stock doubling in price while deaths of American soldiers have also doubled, or some such transferances.

    But, really, just to say hello to all; lovely work you’ve done here and most handsomely appointed a web page. warmly, dk

  4. Donnie, it’s too early for the trash talking. Right now you have 3 contenders for the perfect season. After a few games, the remaining perfect season contenders, if there are any left, will start receiving accusations of too frequent bathroom breaks…

  5. You all will fall, fools, because my Kung Fu is very strong! Take all the bathroom breaks you want! I have a radio to God and he kicks Fritz 12.1 ass on a regular basis!

    Polly, I respect you very much but…just try and shoot the moon, just TRY IT. I’ll see your grand slam in spades doubled and redoubled and raise you a bishop sac on f7!

    (This is what happens when Wahrheit has a large apple fritter and three cups of coffee for breakfast. Kids, don’t try this at home).

  6. What’s the prize for this tournament again? Have you considered a McDonalds gift card? Then you could have the champion send in a photo where they proudly hold a McDonalds breakfast item containing LEP.

  7. DK – wow, I didn’t realize I’m that deep πŸ™‚ I was just trying to shake things up but I guess trash talk from somebody who was chicken to enter doesn’t really work.

  8. Please no McDonalds gift cards, they are like the only fast food chain I have consistently boycotted for a long time now, I would for conscience’s sake have to buy a bunch of their least healthy things and throw them away to possibly deplete their inventory and ask for the remaining few cents on the card to be given to me. How about cash instead:-)!

  9. Hey I3rucewayne–since we are going to play eventually let me just say…eat a Big Mac LIKE A MAN and quit whining; what’s that on your lapel, a TWISTED SISTER PIN? Your knights will tremble in fear and stay on their home squares, your king will hide behind his queen!

    (This is really hard, I like everyone in the tournament too much…)

  10. oh my gosh. are we playing cards or chess? either way i have no idea what is going on. however, i am immensely entertained, which, at the end of the day, is also on LEP’s to-do list, next to snarky political commentary and selling t shirts. πŸ™‚

    you know what is sad? I *just* now understood the double entendre of “lepers”. IT’S WEEK 3!!! I’m not a true LEP-er. I’m just a sad little hanger-on groupie-type organism. πŸ™

  11. @Derek: Well, if experts are fish, then yeah, we all suck.

    @tanc: Might try the Knight one if my opponent is to kind to give me the chance.

    @David: You forgot to capitalize “Messianic”, failing to give Bush his due. Expect a visit from Blackwater in the near future.

    @Allen: Thank you; I’ll be sure to grill drunknknite on his bathroom habits next time we talk.

    @Wahrheit: Right. Your Eagle Claw is no match for my Mantis Fist. Except…it was…

    @Rocky: When I finish with you, you’ll feel like a slab of meat being beat up in a freezer.

    @Allen 2: Brillant idea. Except I’d rather not have the winner die before the next tourney.

    @Derek 2: Too chicken because you’d been the top seed and anything less than victory would have been failure? Can’t say I blame you.

    @l3rucewayne: The minimum denomination for those cards is $5 (I think), so that sounds right about what winning ToL is worth.

    @Wahrheit 2: You used the magic word “sis***”, so your comment was put into moderation. In case you were wondering. Don’t hurt l3ruce’s feelings too much.

    @Annie: You are a true LEPer, which simply means a reader. And being one of the most prolific commenters may just make you the queen of lepers!

    I’ve worn the T-shirt in public, and got a few strange looks.

    @Mascot: Acknowledged.

    @Allen 3: While I’m sure that none of us at the bottom are trying for “perfection”, it will be interesting to keep an eye on.

  12. i’ve had my win, i dont’ expect too much more, so i can’t really start the trash talking…maybe MAYBE if i manage to steal a win tonight (i so much doubt that i will) i might sling some crap just to get the party started…

  13. Oh yeah, the magic word πŸ™‚

    I don’t have any more trash talking in me anyway; I love you all, but I’m still going to do my best to mercilessly trap your King and cudgel him into submission…

  14. @Donnie, consuming one or two McDonalds food product that uses LEP is not enough to kill someone. I’ll be more than happy to donate the $5 gift card to whoever achieves perfection

  15. I enjoyed my loss with Tacticus Maximus a lot. Like he said it was a wild game, which allowed me to hope for a surprise tactic or win till the very end. I got to use my imagination a bit, I consider it a victory that I ended the game without being down material. (I think, no more than a pawn anyway if I was I’m pretty sure.)

    Wahrheit: You have already lost, you just don’t know it yet. – The Batman.

    (jk, please don’t hurt me)

  16. @chessloser: You can still lord it over those of us who still have 0 points.

    @Wahrheit: I fully anticipate someone making a social faux pas eventually, leading to bad blood. Probably not this time around, but during the next one when it’s likely people I don’t really know will be entering…

    @Allen: Now which perfection, 9-0 or 0-9? Or both? In any case, the prize donation will be most appreciated.

    @Tacticus: Accusations of you videotaping your opponents’ opening preparation have been floating around. Just so you’re aware.

    @l3rucewayne: The Batman would never say “Please don’t hurt me.” What are you thinking?

    @Tom: Giving chessloser the reason for his name back.

    And your Tennessee Vols are looking good in both men’s and women’s basketball. You’re the only reason in the world why I’d be happy about that (my ex was a Gator)

    @Polly: Hahaha. Well, you have two games this week for the tourney, giving you double the chance! Don’t know why that came out that a lottery ad.

  17. Your right of course, but that is just the Batman you read about. When I’m not fighting crime I like to spend time on my computer pretending to be some guy who is pretending to be me.

  18. Holy bat crap Robin. It rained down on me so hard that I was drwoning in it. Myabe ny Saturday I’ll have my chess brain back and try yo dedeem myself.

  19. I had an unfair advantage what with the cold and all, but I still couldn’t get my king side attack to work out. I’m glad I got to play you before you got well:-) but of course I’m not glad you got ill in the first place. I hate being ill, I think I got ill something like 6 times this past year, definitely don’t envy you. I hope you get well soon.

  20. @l3rucewayne: Hold on a minute; let me wrap my brain around that.

    @Polly: LOL. Too bad you were sick, but kudos for at least trying it. It was weird–watching the game from the outside, it seemed I could see the moment where things fell apart. Part of that may just be perception, though.

    @l3rucewayne 2: But your Kingside attack did succeed! It wasn’t a checkmate knock-out blow, but you won 2 Pawns and a more active position.

    @Tacticus: Who do you think people are going to believe, you or Andy Pettite?

  21. @bruce: As Donnie said your kingside attack did succeed in that I wasted time defending. Though I think not trading your knight off when I had the chance hurt the most. The backward c pawn gave you a new target to work on.

    @donnie: Thanks for the kind words. I probably shoulda waited another day since all my warm up blitz games before hand indicated that I was going to play like crap. (I got mated by a 900 when I was up the exchange and a pawn. It may be my Wacky Wednesday entry for next week. LOL)

    @Tact: Do they make HBGH? (Human Brain Growth Hormone)

  22. Hmm, well I’m not too experienced with king side attacks although I have done them more often lately, so I guess I prematurely assume that a lack of checkmate = failed attack. Guess I still have much to learn. This tournament is so cool:-)

  23. I came by to see the latest in comments and a quote of mine came up in the title banner! I3rucewayne is so right this tournament is soooo cool. πŸ™‚

    BTW Mascot, since reading your inspirational workout tips in the Forum I’ve dropped down to 7.3 percent body fat.

    The HGH and Imamanostrol had nothing to do with it! Well maybe a little, but it’s mostly Mascot motivation, I tell you!

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